Everyday Evil Eye Jewellery

It’s said that the benefits of wearing an Evil eye protects the wearer from all the evil spirits and bad luck. Did this Just give You Goosebumps? Yes? Well combine a good luck charm with stunning stones, contemporary designs & a silver, gold or rose gold sheen and we have some winners.
Here are some of our favourite evil eye jewellery from our evil eye collection. All the jewellery featured here is a perfect match for your everyday outfits with the versatility of being an addon accessory yo your occasional outfits as well.    

1) Blingastic Mini Evil Eye Ring

Evil Eye Stone Ring


This ring is in gold finish and can be paired with a nice Evil eye bracelet. The ring looks perfect on western wear, casual wear, festive wear, as well as party wear. The elegant touch of crystals embedded with metal is what makes it so beautiful.

2) Centra Evil Eye Bracelet

Adjustable Evil Eye Bracelet

The Turkish gold Evil eye bracelet for women is so elegant that it can make you look a fashionista with its magnificent appearance even paired with some simple loungewear at home.

3) Classic Evil Eye Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Evil Eye White Bracelet

The Classic blue Evil eye micro bracelet is very charming. Match it with your cool summer outfits and wear them daily to feel cool and classy.

4) Evil Eye Enamel Set of 2 Rings

Evil Eye Rings

This pair can prove to be a perfect hand pose picture because the gold plated rings with ingrained enamel evil eyes look so classy and ladies would never want to miss out their chance of wearing them with every outfit while creating some ever lasting memories.

5) Evil Eye Stud Earrings

Evil Eye Stud Earrings
Attending a casual zoom party? Well, add a touch of grace to your outfit with these pure silver stud earrings. The combination of blue and rose gold is something that goes with every look by giving them a look of beauty.

6) Purity Adjustable Finger Rings

Buy Evil Eye Adjustable Rings Online

Walk like a queen with these mesmerizing and beautiful adjustable rings. No matter how hard you experiment with your fashion, these rings will always make your look complete and defining. Since they are adjustable experiment with wearing it in every finger for a new look each day.

7) Tennis Paved Multi Colour Stone Bracelet

Evil Eye Tennis Bracelet

This ultra fashionable evil eye enamel stone tennis bracelet is what you need to buy before anyone else does. These are so hard to find and look so astonishing on your daily outfits.

8) Trio Enamel Evil Eye Bracelet

Rose Gold Evil Eye and Enamel Bracelet Online

Give yourself a royal look everyday with these trio evil eye bracelet and feel like a diva with unique style.

9) Whirl Paved Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Adjustable Bracelet

Flaunt your fashionable outfits daily with a touch of silver and blue. Yes, the bracelet will help you set a trend because of its attractive evil eye design and classy look.  

These were some of the best pieces of the Evil eye jewellery from The Glocal Trunk. You can wear this jewellery on a daily basis and match them with your outfits, no matter casual or formal. The collection is so elegant that it adds a distinct charm to your daily outfits. Hurry now and get your pretty hands on them or we’d say the other way around!

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