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We all remember sending or giving gifts to our loved and special ones on their birthdays, festivals such as Dussehra, Diwali etc. But, as times change, so do the people’s tastes. With the huge variety of things available today online and offline, it becomes very difficult to predict what someone would exactly like or what would be the perfect gift to surprise them with.
Hence, one of the best gifting options these days is a Gift rewards card or Gift vouchers. A cash Gift voucher is simple both for the person giving the gifts and the person receiving the gifts.  
This is the reason The Glocal Trunk has made gifting easy for you by bringing up Gift vouchers for your family and friends. Although, we have some amazing and unique jewelry pieces available online on their website. We have got you covered if you are confused and don't know what would be the perfect jewelry item for someone.    

With Gift vouchers present in 2 denominations on their website under Glocal Gifts the gifts one can choose for oneself are limitless.  

1. Gift Card Rs.1000

Gift Voucher The Glocal Trunk ₹1000

As the name suggests, this one is worth Rs. 1,000.00. Its validity is 6 months, which precisely means that the owner of gift card has 6 months to redeem the voucher and buy items worth Rupees 1000 from any collection at The Glocal Trunk within a span of 6 months. Isn’t it amazing?  

Why to choose this gift card: If your budget is a bit more, and you can go upto 1000 bucks. All the jewelry items which add up to 1000 rupees can be added under this and cards can be redeemed while checking out. Did we say you can buy more than one gift voucher at a time??? Choose the amount you wish and gift away.   What you can add under this gift card: Like we said, we can add up all the jewelry pieces which sums up to Rs 1000 if you choose just one voucher.

For helping you out, listed down our ways to add some beautiful jewelry pieces under this gift card from our many many options available.  


Small drop earrings

These stunning earrings from TGT High street collection are a must have. They are glamorous and will add a pump to your western outfits. It would add glamour to your outfit. 

Price: Rs. 499.00      


Metal Choker Necklace

This metallic gold piece is a statement piece in itself. You can add it in your voucher.

Price:Rs. 499.00  

This way they can mix and match and add pieces against 1000 Gift vouchers.    

2. Gift Card Rs.500

Gift voucher from The Glocal Trunk ₹500

This one is for ₹500. The person you're giving this voucher, can add any item for Rs 500. This one is a budget friendly piece. You can get a premium jewelry piece at Rs 500. (Again you can choose multiple numbers of vouchers as per your gifting budget) There are so many options available under this budget. Warranty: 6 months.

Things you can buy under this:

a. Delicate Summer Double Pearl Ring

Double Pearl Ring

This exclusive pearl ring never goes out of fashion.

Price: Rs. 299.00       

b. Spring In Bling Finger Ring

Metal And stone ring

Trendy piece, which adds charms to your fingers. Definitely a must have in your collection.

Price: Rs 299     

These are a few ways how your loved ones can mix and match and buy things under their respective gift cards. Also, it allows them to choose what they want. It gives them freedom to buy what they like and is a perfect way to buy themselves some gifts through your given amazing gift vouchers.
So yes gift them the gift of choice!

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