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We are just done with the Festival of Lights but are you one of those wwho might’ve forgotten to give a gift to a loved one? Finding the ideal gift for a family member, friend or that special someone may be difficult and irritating especially if it’s slipped our mind in the frenzy of the festive week.

    With dozens of gift suggestion lists available online it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of what your loved one would enjoy receiving. If you've fallen down the rabbit hole and are stuck for a suitable gift, consider these jewellery gift ideas! Jewellery is a classic present that is always highly appreciated. There are also several methods to customise jewellery to make it more personal. If you are feeling particularly daring you can even make your own giving it that all-important personal touch.

    If you want to discover more about fantastic jewellery gifts keep reading they're sure to make your loved ones feel special, valued and you, forgiven for the late gift!

    Here are some amazing jewellery pieces from The Glocal Trunk that are surely going to be great delayed gifting options:

    1. Chaand Moti Jhumka Earrings - Blue

    Blue jhumka Earrings

    This Chand Moti Jhumka is a great option when it comes to gifting. It has a beautiful design. If you know someone who loves the moon. This can be a go-to for them because it has a beautiful half-moon design along with blue colours that go together amazingly. It is quite on the affordable side also and can be a great gifting option.

    Price: 699 INR  

    2. Flora Enamel, Stone & Pearls Small Jhumka Earrings- Grey

    Grey enamel Jhumkas online

    This is a perfect gifting option for someone who likes minimal jewellery or something that's not too heavy but has a beautiful look to it. This beautiful pair of Jhumka has such a unique colour and design and the quality of the product is also amazing. The pearls and the beautiful grey colour complement each other super well. This can be a great gifting option as this color goes with almost all the outfits and will be frequently used by the person to whom it's gifted.

    Price: 599 INR  

    3. Suraiya Kundan & Pearls Big Jhumka Earrings

    Kundan Jhumka Earrings

    This Jhumka looks nothing less than a dream. It has a beautiful design of a shining sun. It has a surreal design that will look amazing with almost all ethnic outfits. It can be a great gifting option during this Diwali season as it has a really festive vibe to it which will be totally loved by the person to whom it is gifted.

    Price: 1199 INR

    4. Kotys Red & White Stone Drop Earrings

    American Diamond Earrings

    These beautiful studs are something that no one can deny as a gift. If you truly love someone give them these earrings because these are nothing less than a dream. The beautiful American diamond with Red stone and red beads look extremely beautiful together. This earring will never be a disappointment as a gift. Anyone who wears this is going to look like a complete goddess.

    Price: 1199 INR

    5. Erato Dainty Drop Earrings

    American Diamond Earrings

    If you know someone who likes minimal jewellery with a touch of glam this is a perfect gift for them. This beautiful pair of earrings are super light and really beautiful to look at. It has two beautiful hoops which are embellished with stones. It has a golden touch to it which makes it really versatile as Golden goes with almost all the outfits.

    Price: 999 INR

    6. Ellis White Stone Hoop Dangler Earrings

    American Diamond Earrings Online

    If you know that one person who loves classy pieces this is the one for them. These beautiful earrings look super classy and elegant and can take any outfit from 0 to 10 in a fraction of seconds. This earring will go super well with both traditional and Indian outfits which makes it really versatile as a gifting option.

    Price: 1199 INR

     7. Chamak Kundan & Pearl Double Drop Bracelet

    Kundan Bracelet

    This Kundan bracelet needs no explanation. I mean just look at its beautiful design. It is one of those pieces which can surely make one fall in love with it. This beautiful bracelet will have you covered in every festival or occasion. It is a great gifting option because this bracelet is quite unique and is pretty hard to find somewhere else. You can match it with kurta sarees and so many ethnic outfits and you're going to look angelic.

    Price: 1199 INR  

    8. Aina Bead & Kundan Stone Bracelet

    Kundan and Bead Bracelet

    This charming bracelet is a must-have for anyone who loves minimal jewellery. It has a really unique design which makes it stand out in every outfit. It is a great gifting option as it has a really versatile design which makes it go with both Indian and Indo Western outfits.

    Price: 699 INR

    9. Phool Pearl & Kundan Haath Pan

    Kundan and Pearl Haath Pan

    This is one of those pieces from the Splender collection that you cannot take your eyes off. This is surely the best gift one can get during this Diwali season. This piece looks magical and enchanting and it's surely going to grab a lot of attention.

    Price: 1299 INR  


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