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While they shimmer & shine when acquired, its essential to know how to care for those pieces of jewels in a manner that preserves both the jewels and it’s intricate designs when you continue to invest in cubic zirconia jewels.

Here are few tips to help you maintain your CZ jewellery perfectly.

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TGT Midas Touch For Everyday & More

If the celebration is spelled by two pristine shades, it's white and gold- throw them around and they're a festive & marvellous mix. This particular amalgamation's beauty lies in its willingness...

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Styling Your TGT Evil Eye Right!

Legends hold the evil eye as a talisman crafted to shield you from the malicious eye. This is where the evil eye jewellery fashion comes in. With a plethora of styles we have atleast one evil eye piece in our trunk, for every taste.

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Because Good Jewellery Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

Are you currently eyeing that gorgeous gold set that you saw in a showroom? Or that ring which costs as much as your monthly salary? And with a heavy heart...

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Necklaces To Dress To The Nines This Xmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is definitely one of the most awaited nights of the year. From the biggest parties of the season to even a family gathering, this is one night that...

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