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The uniqueness of Pearl Jewelry lies in the fact that it provides an incredibly regal and feminine feeling that goes above any other form of jewellery.
Visit our site to get the most amazing collection of pearls.. As we believe at TGT if ‘A Diamond is Forever...Pearls are for Eternity!’  

Gift your loved ones the gift of #eternallove Shop Here 

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Classic & Contemporary Jewellery

From zoom weddings, to intimate settings, to a destination wedding for few. We’ve seen it all recently. What hasn’t changed is our innate need to dress up with the right attire and some stunning, eye catching jewellery. So here we share some classic & contemporary styles from our overflowing treasure trunk, for you to choose from and work your way through the bridal season. Whether you’re attending a wedding or are an integral part of one. Here are some fine go-to jewellery options.

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Nail Rings As Nail Art

Do you notice yourself endlessly looking for fresh and interesting nail art trends online? We have selected some of The Glocal Trunk’s bestselling nail accessories below to help make your...

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New Year - New Gifts

Go forward without a care and shop to your hearts desire from our trunk. Keeping up with the trends, we have new styles of stackable rings, stud earrings, pretty necklaces and pendants that will be ideal for you to add that touch of colour to your friendship.

Let’s make 2021 special one bling at a time!

Psst: All these gorgeous baubles are on sale till 7th January only... make the most of the Holiday Sale here.

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Black Gold Black

Black & Gold have been fashion staples since time immemorial. Sometimes mundane too, but how we carry the colours and accessorise can make or break your fashion game. While safe playing is fun, go on and get creative with this jewellery and more.

Available at our Xmas Sale Collection now!

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