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A Gift of Choice - Gift Vouchers By The Glocal Trunk

The Glocal Trunk has made gifting easy for you by bringing up Gift vouchers for your family and friends. Although, they have some amazing and unique jewelry pieces available online on their website. They have got you covered if you are confused and don't know what would be the perfect jewelry item for someone.

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25 June, 2021 / by The Glocal Trunk Comments(0)

Dazzling Blue Jewellery

Are you looking for blue stone jewellery pieces that look super classy and make you stand out in a crowd at the same time? We're here to help you out with our collection that is specially curated to look perfect when you put them on. Aren't you excited already to witness the majestic royal beauty of these pieces!

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Bling it on...Holi

day to celebrate colour while dressing up to the hilt in ethnic or fusion wear... yes! we are talking about Holi. When we plan to wear traditional clothes we also plan to go for jewellery to match them. So this year let's make it a style statement.
We at The Glocal Trunk, have just the right jewellery for every occasion. And yes holi too! Here is the list of our breathtaking items of jewellery for you to drool over and over again every time you take a look at them.

It’s time to click ‘add to cart’ and then add these stunning pieces to your jewellery box just in time for the festivities.

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02 February, 2021 / by The Glocal Trunk Comments(0)

Anklets Are Forever

Anklets, from classics to contemporary, from bling to subtle and from the flashy golds to antique tribal styles. We love them all. Essential trinkets in your jewellery box which once worn does wonders and even transforms your look. With the right pair of anklets mixed with the perfect outfit and occasion they look absolutely stunning.
Try out the ones that give you the beachy destination #Valentinevibe from The Glocal Trunk. With unique and intriguing designs you get the best quality and just at the right price.

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Click Button Jewellery - A Perfect Valentines Gift

This Valentines gift your loved ones jewellery, but that jewellery which can be customised and cherished. Check out the already curated Click Button combos at The Glocal Trunk, pre-made options which guarantee you different looks with different click buttons.

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