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My Jewellery Wishlist

You can't buy happiness but you can buy jewellery. Discover everyday wearables from our collection of everlasting resplendent jewellery pieces that are meant to be worn anywhere, with any attire.

The Glocal Trunk has put together 10 of their instantly attention-grabbing trinkets in its much-awaited wish list series so you can compliment yourself with the best of the best.

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Valentines Week Special

This Valentines Day, we trust you must have planned something bigger and special for your loved one with a nice elegant outfit ready. But, let's add a hint of sparkle to it to make it a memorable as well as an aesthetic one. After all it IS the week to shine bright with jaw-dropping items of jewelry to match your lovely outfits.
Here's the list of sparkling jewel you can shop stardust collection from The Glocal Trunk.

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Anklets Are Forever

Anklets, from classics to contemporary, from bling to subtle and from the flashy golds to antique tribal styles. We love them all. Essential trinkets in your jewellery box which once worn does wonders and even transforms your look. With the right pair of anklets mixed with the perfect outfit and occasion they look absolutely stunning.
Try out the ones that give you the beachy destination #Valentinevibe from The Glocal Trunk. With unique and intriguing designs you get the best quality and just at the right price.

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Click Button Jewellery - A Perfect Valentines Gift

This Valentines gift your loved ones jewellery, but that jewellery which can be customised and cherished. Check out the already curated Click Button combos at The Glocal Trunk, pre-made options which guarantee you different looks with different click buttons.

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The uniqueness of Pearl Jewelry lies in the fact that it provides an incredibly regal and feminine feeling that goes above any other form of jewellery.
Visit our site to get the most amazing collection of pearls.. As we believe at TGT if ‘A Diamond is Forever...Pearls are for Eternity!’  

Gift your loved ones the gift of #eternallove Shop Here 

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