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How To Find The Perfect Jewellery For Navratri!

Navratri, is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals, spread over nine nights and is devoted to Goddess Durga, who symbolises purity and strength. The festival is synonymous with poojas and fasting, and is also accompanied by grand celebrations throughout the nine days and nights. At this time, India comes abuzz with people shopping for new outfits, with the latest fad being to wear a different one every day. In order to compliment your outfit, the perfect jewellery will go a long way.
Take a look at our top picks for jewellery this Navratri.

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What’s New At The Glocal Trunk!

At The Glocal Trunk, we believe in always giving you the best of jewellery that is funky, elegant and always up to date. For this very reason, we are constantly...

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Stack Em Up!

Although the famous designer Coco Chanel strongly advocated keeping your jewellery to a bare minimum, we think bracelets are the perfect exception to the rule. Today layered bracelets are all...

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Interview Jewellery To Express

We understand that interviews can be nerve-wrecking. From preparing for the interview, gathering documents, the butterflies in the tummy, you have a lot going on. One very important aspect about...

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Making A One Colour Statement!

Jewellery is the perfect way to accessorise any outfit and highlight its best features. What better way to do this than with bold, signature pieces in solid colours that will...

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