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New Year - New Gifts

Go forward without a care and shop to your hearts desire from our trunk. Keeping up with the trends, we have new styles of stackable rings, stud earrings, pretty necklaces and pendants that will be ideal for you to add that touch of colour to your friendship.

Let’s make 2021 special one bling at a time!

Psst: All these gorgeous baubles are on sale till 7th January only... make the most of the Holiday Sale here.

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28 December, 2020 / by The Glocal Trunk Comments(0)

Bling On The New Year

It's about time that we pull out certain party jewellery pieces with the year coming to an end and help boost the look with certain bling. So, ladies, it's time to buy some stunning jewellery to bring together an outfit that is definitely YOU. And cause we consider you our friend, we’d like to assist you be the toast of the event with some very classy jewellery pieces.

Check out the five The Glocal Trunk #NewYearsEve must-haves.

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Black Gold Black

Black & Gold have been fashion staples since time immemorial. Sometimes mundane too, but how we carry the colours and accessorise can make or break your fashion game. While safe playing is fun, go on and get creative with this jewellery and more.

Available at our Xmas Sale Collection now!

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Christmas is almost around the corner and in case you've left a few presents like us until the last moment (guilty), you may start panicking. Want to express your affection in a...

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16 December, 2020 / by The Glocal Trunk Comments(0)

Make-A-Statement Necklaces

We have gathered for you five of our beloved The Glocal Trunk statement necklaces, all of which will look fabulous paired with evening gowns, day wears or just a plain shirt and jeans & just in time to get you into the holiday spirit. Browse through for what you can adorn your neck with over the Christmas & New Year Holidays...  

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