Stack Em Up!

Although the famous designer Coco Chanel strongly advocated keeping your jewellery to a bare minimum, we think bracelets are the perfect exception to the rule. Today layered bracelets are all the rage and wearing multiple pieces is no longer considered ‘goth’. However, stacking on the bracelets is still an art and you need to understand how to perfectly pair your bracelets to create the ideal look.
Take a look at some of our top tips for bracelet stacking for every occasion.

For Work
When wearing a layered bracelet or bangle to work, remember to keep it simple, yet eye-catching. The Myriad Duo Bangles with their colourful precious stones and delicate gold bands are the ideal way to follow the stacked bracelet trend, yet keep it minimal at the same time.

For Parties
With hints of bling, the Trio Stretch Bracelet Crystal Clover is just the right amount of glam you need to rock this stacked trend. We also think the Clasp Me Leather Cuff Brow is a good way to effortlessly wear stacked bracelets.

For Lunch
For those occasions like a quick lunch with friends when you want to wear layered bracelets, the Myra Multicoloured Bangle is a good way to keep it funky, light and eye-catching.

For Weddings
Glamourous occasions call for your most glamourous jewellery. Pair multiple Green Silk Thread Kadda Bangles for a look that’s regal as well as trendy. You could also wear the Shelter Beaded Bracelet to create a luxe, yet effortlessly classy look.

No doubt, bracelets are definitely that which gives form to your arms and can add a very pretty finishing touch to any outfit, no matter how simple. With stacked bracelets, dainty charms, braided leather cuffs and intricate ethnic designs, these are definitely here to stay. We hope you found our tips useful for how be a diva in dazzling bracelets this season.

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