Stud Earrings…. Bigger The Better

We bet you have always heard plenty of advice from people telling you to keep your jewellery simple and minimalistic. Well, we’re here to tell you to forget everything you have been told, because big is in, and is definitely the way to go this season. Big stud earrings are making heads turn everywhere and for all the right reasons. This is one trend you definitely want to check out.

Crystalite Cocktail Stud Earrings
Cut in a classic crystal style, this pair of studs with colours of blue, gold and wine are just what you need for a formal occasion to grab everyone’s attention. This pair goes well on both western and ethnic outfits and is a definite must have in your jewellery collection.

Empress Pearl Crystal Enamel Stud Earrings
Get the best of both worlds with this vintage meets contemporary pair of earrings. With timeless pearls, crystals and shimmering black stones, this pair of earrings will definitely have all eyes on you.

Golden Sun Stud Earrings

Make your outfit shine like the sun….quite literally with this golden sun shaped pair of studs. With intricate details across the earrings, this pair is definitely a classic and a must own for any ardent jewellery lover.

Petals Stone And Crystal Stud Earrings Pink
 Flowers will always be a timeless favourite among women. And when incorporated in a trendy pair of pink petal shaped earrings, it’s the perfect gift for a loved one, or yourself. Studded with crystals, this pair is classy and will go well on almost any outfit.

Pearl And Crystal Rose Gold Stud Earrings
Roses are definitely an epitome of beauty and when worn as earrings, it’s the perfect way to compliment any outfit. Fitted with pearls and crystals, these earrings can easily take an outfit of the day to an outfit of the night effortlessly and are already one of our favourites this season.

Vintage Pearl And Micro Stone Stud Earrings
Antique There’s something about antique jewellery that we absolutely love and will always remain a favourite in our collection. Especially, when paired with pearls is a winning combination, which goes well on all outfits.

Statement earrings are definitely a must have in any jewellery collection. These pieces are timeless, elegant and we think these are an absolute winner this season. Wear them alone or with a ring or bracelet and you’re good to go on all outfits from work wear to cocktail parties.

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