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Wrist Swag with Interchangeable CLICK BUTTON BRACELETS

Women's wrists and hands are known as the 'expressive zone' of their bodies since a hand gesture speaks volumes. And what better way to ring attention to those wrists than TGT’s Click Button Jewellery. Bracelets remain one of a woman's most elegant and timeless accessories. They give your outfit the appropriate amount of sophistication and glitz. But getting that perfect bracelet has always been a hassle. So why not create your own style with our interchangeable button bracelets.

One click gives you a whole new bracelet.

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Click Button Jewellery Combo’s - A Perfect Gift!

This process of customising jewellery, creating your own bracelets and combining it with necklaces and earrings could be a good gift because it symbolises your efforts and with the range of click buttons available your options are limitless.
Although designing your own Click Button Jewellery is fun we’ve taken the liberty to create preset combos to choose from. They have been put together with every aesthetic detail in mind.

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‘Design Your Own Click Buttons’ Pairing Recommendations

Click Button Jewellery with interchangeable buttons is the absolute way to match your jewellery to your attitude. Unlike other costume jewellery, Click Button Jewellery can be changed frequently to match your cause, your fashion or your attitude. Simply change the button and the jewelry becomes fresh and new again.
Which Click Button would you choose? An alphabet? An Evil Eye button? A Loved One's Pink Ribbon? Do you lean towards florals or are you just feeling festive? Design and wear your own look. People will ask you who designed your jewelry and you can proudly say. . . I did myself!

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Bejewelled Bridal Showers

A bridal shower is one of the most significant parties a woman attends in her life. If you are the lucky one chosen to be your bestie’s maid of honour,...

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Personalise Your Gifts!

No matter what the occasion, we all love receiving gifts. Jewellery will always be a favourite as there is nothing more precious and special. There’s plenty to pick from and...

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