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There is never a right occasion for wearing jewellery, a woman can bask in their own reassuring confidence at home as much as at a glamorous evening party. The Glocal Trunk comes round again with recommendations of jewel pieces that feel personal and add just the right amount of charm and rejuvenating energy to your #lockdown mood to remain positive and sprinting throughout the day.  

1. Petit Studs Black

Small Black and Gold Enamel Stud Earrings

Bursting with the beautiful romance of black and gold studs from the house of TGT! Timeless and classy - these petit earrings are exquisite and comfortable to hang with. To add that glam to your plain or casual outfits, these baubles are a must for your bijouterie box and you can have them on your person in gymming sessions, as part of your workwear and on street nights, the options are endless.       

2. Marbella Structured Necklace


Marble Stone Necklace Online

Is there anything more majestic yet cosy, agreeable than this gold and turquoise tie dye marble pendant necklace? Long necklaces with dainty chains and cute pendants are very appropriate for any time of the year. You can layer them over your plain t-shirts, blue waisted jeans and tank tops during summer days.  

3. Goldie set of 5 Rings

Gold Adjustable Ring Stacks

The beauty of these graceful trinkets lies in their mechanisms and auras, perfect accessories to add some statement glam to a simple ensemble! The extravaganza of the disparate patterns in this set of metal gold-colored rings will give you another excuse to flaunt your well-groomed fingers, adding a little bit of fun and mischief to your monotonous days.     

4. Simplistic Every Day Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl Hook Earrings

When you can't decide on a particular piece of jewellery, pearls are always favourable for a perfect match, sure to elevate any combination of outfit! To give your skin a luminous glow and enhance your facial features, wear these gold pearl drop earrings in office meetings all day long or with casual-wear at home to mix and balance the "glam" factor with a simpler attire.   

  5. Boho Flutter Fly Chain Bracelet

Enamel Butterfly Bracelet

A must-have jewel for every girl that will never go out of style! The grandeur look and the innovative design make this gold & black delicately designed Bohemian chain bracelet a prized possession and an everyday staple. Wear this with informal outfits from turtlenecks, crew t-shirts to denim shorts or relaxed kurtas and long skirts anywhere, anytime.    

6. Black Flower Hair Bun Stick

Hair Bun Stick
Messy buns, twisted buns, extra sleek buns or neat little top knots are favourites with women, when lounging at home to keep the hair from getting in the way, when getting ready for a sunday lunch-out or a day at office. This modern style floral black accessory is the wholesome bun stick to hold your hair up and make them stay there all day!  

  Step up your daily in-vogue fashion attitude with these stunning, remarkable minimalist jewellery pieces from TGT's resourceful trunk and click on 'Add to Cart’ right away! Enjoy getting a feel of donning ornaments at a time when we are barely stepping out of our homes and have your own little party everyday.

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