Layered Necklaces & How to Rock’em!

Have you seen your favourite celebrity rocking multiple necklaces at a time, but unsure how to get the same look? We feel you. Layered necklaces are a trendy way to glam up and personalise your outfit and create a customised look, that’s a reflection of your personality. To help you ace this look, check out our tips for creating the perfect-layered necklace.

Choker And Chain
A minimalist and dainty way to wear a layered necklace is pairing a choker like the Arabic Petit Choker or the Charmer Heart Choker with a long dainty necklace or a Bedeck Long Neck chain. Or opt for the Bric A Brac Double Choker Necklace, which comes as a bow tie layered set to help you flaunt the look easily.

The Collar Effect
If you love chunky jewellery, here’s your chance to make the most of it by layering to flaunt them all. Use necklaces that are slightly shorter in length like the Chatuyant Antique Necklace along with the Clank Collar Necklace. Playing around with multi-layered chains like the Fauna Princess Necklace is also a good way to rock this look.

The Long And Short Effect
Opposites really do attract when wearing layered necklaces. The long Draper Layered Princess Necklace pairs well with a choker like the Circle Around Gold Collar or the Big Hearted Choker. Easy to put together, this look is perfect to style any outfit.

Beads, Beads And More Beads

Multiple strings of beads are one of the easiest ways to wear layered necklaces. Pair a chunky Beaded Necklace with a daintier Ocean Beaded Stone Multilayer Necklace. Another way to work this look is with a Bohemian Beaded Necklace with a beaded or Cutwork Stone Choker Necklace, for a fun, casual vibe.

Multi-Chain Necklaces
If you’re still unsure about mixing and matching, an easy way to wear layered necklaces is simply using a multi-chain necklace. An Antique Black Bead Multichain Necklace with layers of beads and plain chains is a good way to dress up both western and ethnic outfits while a chunkier Cigana Beaded Hook Necklace is a good way to style a plain or solid colour outfit.

Layered necklaces are definitely a versatile trend which suit every occasion. Whether its brunch or a movie; a wedding or work, or a fun night out, there’s plenty of ways to wear a layered necklace and we hope this is one trend that is here to stay.

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