Making A One Colour Statement!

Jewellery is the perfect way to accessorise any outfit and highlight its best features. What better way to do this than with bold, signature pieces in solid colours that will stand out against your outfit?
Statement jewellery is designed for you to play around with, but can make all the wrong statements if worn incorrectly. Follow these simple rules for how to accessorise statement one colour pieces and get everyone looking at you in awe.

Less Is More Bright
Single coloured pieces should be allowed to stand out. It is always advisable to wear them one at a time, but if you must wear more than one piece of jewellery, avoid wearing bracelets and rings together and bold earring and necklaces together. The Draper Layered Princess Necklace is a perfect example of a solid gold coloured chain that would stand out against a plain black outfit. The glistening gold Egyptian Pharaoh Metal & Stone Bib Necklace is also a good way to go bold and stand out with a single piece of jewellery.

Choose Your Earrings Carefully
The right earrings have the power to mke or break any outfit. These ornate pieces not only enhance your outfit, but also frame your face and your features. When selecting a bold, single colour pair of earrings, the Blue Mosaic Glass Finish Danglers are an ideal pair to stand out against a white outfit or contrast against a red or green. Another good way to wear a single colour earring is by pairing the abstract Crystalise Pentagon Top Earrings with a dark or bright solid coloured outfit.

Put A Ring On It
When wearing a bold ring, remember that all attention will be drawn towards your hands. Make sure your nails are tidy and manicured and your nail polish does not clash with the colour of your ring. The Band It Cluster Stretch Ring will speak volumes when on your hand, and will go well with a dress for a special night out.

Adorn Those Arms
To make a statement, cuff bracelets like the Aphrodite Cuff have an intricate design which is sure to stand out against most outfits. For a subtle look, the Its Written Matte Bracelet Rose Gold is a simple piece that’s perfect for work or a date. Statement jewellery is all about, as the name implies, making a statement. When picking out solid colour pieces, chose ones that help create an overall outfit and are a playful mix of fun, formal, boho and casual; depending on the occasion.

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