Master The Art Of Pairing Jewellery

It’s no secret that women love their jewellery, to a point where they obsess over it. Shopping for jewellery too is an elaborate affair. It is no longer about buying that one perfect piece; it is about finding several pieces that create a look. It might seem tricky figuring out what works and what doesn’t and what suits your personality, but once you have mastered the art of pairing your jewellery, it is a breeze. Here are some of our tips on how to pair jewellery.

Layer it on:
Layered necklaces and bracelets are all the rage with numerous celebrities rocking these looks. Beaded chains are the easiest way to wear this look with the Bohemian Beaded Necklace- Mono or a chunkier Cigana Beaded Hook Necklace. If you’re looking to layer on bracelets, opt for the Clasp Me Leather Cuff, which has multiple rows of bracelets to make it easy to make a style statement no matter where you go.

Opposites attract:
The basic Rule of Thumb when pairing jewellery, is that if you’re wearing one statement piece, keep the rest of your jewellery simple. Big earrings and chunky necklaces do not work together. If you’re wearing loud earrings like the Banjaran Crystal Dangler Earrings, opt for something dainty on the neck like the Arabic Petit Choker. Similarly, if you’re wearing a chunky necklace like the Ballerine Ribbon Necklace, pair it up with something small like the Ethnic Flora Mini Floral Earrings

Match colours:
If you’re wearing a solid coloured outfit, try to match your jewellery in a contrasting colour that would make it stand out. If you’re going for a gold look, pair the Chunky Pearl Bracelet with an Accented Metal Dangler Hook Earrings. Similarly, find necklaces and rings which would work well together like the Blume In Fall Necklace with A Drop Of Sea Studs.

Colour and Sparkle:
This is possibly one of the oldest known pairing rules when it comes to jewellery. It’s simple- pick a colourful gemstone necklace like the Avana Double Necklace and match it with a colourless pair of earrings like the Baguette Single Crystal Ear Cuff. This contrast difference ensures your look is fresh, fun and not too loud.

When pairing jewellery, also pay attention to the details in the design, cuts of stone, chain, shape etc. While these tips should make it easier for you to pair your jewellery, it should reflect your personal style, because that is what matters the most.

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