Petit Earrings - Statement Style

13 January, 2022

Petit Earrings - Statement Style

Women's small stud earrings in gold and diamonds or silver and platinum have long been a favourite item of jewellery. Small earrings have an elegance and richness that cannot be matched by enormous or heavy earrings. Where large earrings are statement pieces, small dainty earrings hold their own charm. Dainty earrings are now available in a variety of patterns that capture the eye from a distance. Many people are captivated by the stunning and hypnotic tiny designs of petite earrings.

Find some handpicked gorgeous and versatile pieces from our TGT Stock Clearance Sale:  

1. Evil Eye Double Stud Earrings

Evil Eye Double Stud Earrings

 If you are someone who loves Evil Eye jewelry pieces and likes to wear something symbolic this is the one for you. It has an evil eye brooch sort of design placed on a pearl. It looks really delicate and has a really unique and eye-catching design. If you like minimalist pieces go for it.   

2. Nature Crystal Drop Earrings

Blue Stone Party Earrings

These pretty small drop earrings look so gorgeous and alluring that one can not take their eyes off them. It has a beautiful design of a flower with a blue crystal embedded in the middle. You can style it up with both indian and western outfits.   

    3. Pearl Grains Top Earring

Pearl Stud Earrings

 No matter how old it gets, pearls and gold will always be a match made in heaven. These gorgeous top earrings have such a gorgeous and simplistic design that one can not stop talking about them. The little pearls on the gold body totally complement each other giving it a really classy and minimalist look. This particular piece will look really good with off white anarkali kurta but at the same time it will also look amazing with western dresses and formal outfits.      

4. Starlet Ott Shine Top Earrings

Stud Top Earrings Silver

This gorgeous earring has the beautiful design of a flower entangled together making it look extremely gorgeous. It is such a classy piece that one must surely have it in their collection. You can style it with a black satin dress and even a black suit and it'll still look amazing! Getting such a gorgeous piece at such a reasonable price is a total steal deal. 

5. A Drop Of Sea

Blue Stud Earrings

A drop of sea has such a simplistic and petite design but still it manages to look extremely gorgeous and eye-catching. It has beautiful sea green white and antique gold colour with stones embedded in the metal full stop. It is perfect for someone who loves minimalist pieces. You can and wear it for your new year party and we bet you are going to be a show stealer.    

6. Double Floret Studs

Double Flower Pearl Studs

Whoever said that there are not many options when it comes to small earrings must have not come across such gorgeous and unique pieces. This piece has an elegant design without double studs which is totally going to leave anyone who looks at it awestruck. The beautiful flower metal work and the gorgeous pearl make this piece really trendy and gorgeous to look at.     

7. Hobo Earrings

Stone Dangling Earrings

 If you are someone who likes trendy and charismatic pieces and want their jewelry pieces to define their persona this is the one for you. It has a beautiful d tailing of blue and red stones along with crystals which give it a really unique and different look. It'll look gorgeous on almost all your outfits and is totally going to get you tons of compliments on how different and gorgeous these look on you.     

8. The Flight Edgy Studs

Bird Stud Earrings

 If you like different pieces this is the one for you. It has a beautiful design of a bird taking flight which symbolizes a lot of things like freedom, happiness and joy. It has an antique silver colour and is perfect for your daily wear or a launch or day out with your friends.     

9. Rajwada Rose Tops Blue

Stone And metal Indian stud earrings

 If like most of us you are tired of wearing heavy Indian earrings this is a perfect match for you. It has a really elegant and royal design in such an adorable size. It is totally not going to her ears like other big Indian wear earrings and is really lightweight and we'll look really classy on any Indian outfit you wear. For a slightly different look you can also wear it up with your Western outfits like dresses and tops and I bet it will still look amazing on you.   

10. Taj Tops White Crystal Stud Earrings

Indian Stud Earrings

These earrings are a perfect match for all your Indian outfits and will look alluring on almost every of them. It has a really beautiful design of a half moon with a beautiful stone embedded on the top. It has a beautiful detailing of beads and stones on the end which makes it look really eye-catching and gorgeous. Such a gorgeous piece at such a flattering price is a total steal deal.       

No matter which jewelry piece you're planning to wear, just be confident and carry it with charm and sophistication. It's not the jewelry which makes you look beautiful but it's you who makes it unique. These are some of our pretty selections from The Glocal Trunk. And yes all the above are on sale with some pieces at upto 70% off!!

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