We know what a game changer bracelets are for any outfit. No matter if you are not wearing a necklace or earring, if you wear a simple classic bracelet stack or a simple chic bracelet it can totally elevate your whole look in a fraction of seconds. The best thing about bracelets is that you can mix them up together in different ways and they just look beautiful as always. But choosing the right set is always a hassle isn’t it?

So we’ve hand picked some gorgeous bracelet sets just for you to add that perfect amount of chic to your wrists! Check them out!  

1. Greka Multichain Old Gold Bracelet - 599 INR

Rustica Bohemian Stretch Bracelet - 499 INR

Treasure Coins Stretch Bracelet Old Gold - 499 INR

If you're a sucker for vintage and bohemian pieces or you like styling pieces which are different from the mainstream pieces. Then this is the perfect trio for you. The gorgeous rustic Bohemian design and the variation of all the three bracelets make the set really unique and amazing. All the three pieces will complement each other super well as they all have a matching shade of copper which will make them all look great together. You can style this up with off white Maxi dress and this bracelet will have an existence of its own as it can bring charm to any simple and sober outfit making it look classy and beautiful.   

  2. Blue Meets Gold Stone & Link Bracelet - 699 INR

Myra Openable Bangle Bracelet Rose Gold - 499 INR

Bling My Slim Cuff - 399 INR

This whole set is full of beautiful blues and golds. It is pretty evident that how much blue and gold complement each other and how pretty they all look together. This whole set will make your hands look super pretty as it has 3 really gorgeous pieces. Place the blue meets gold stone and link bracelet in the middle doubling bling my slim cuff at the end and the Myra openable bangle bracelet on the top. This set is a perfect set for a vacation by the beach or a light picnic or day out with friends and family.

3. Anchor Me Tassel Bracelet Cuff Back - Red Yellow - 499 INR

Nirvana Thread Hamsa Evil Eye Adjustable Bracelet Red - 400 INR

Jewel Toned Semi Precious Bracelets - 450 INR

This whole set has a really funky look to it with a pinch of red in all the three pieces. The anchor me tassel bracelet has a really funky design with pretty red tassels attached to it giving it a really cool look. Whereas the Hamsa bracelet has a really simplistic design with minimal work on it which makes it look really subtle. The Jewel toned semi precious bracelet has a really simple design but still when all the three will be styled together they are all going to complement each other super well. Place the anchor bracelet in the middle the the Hamsa bracelet on the top and the Jewel tones semi-precious bracelet on the end and we can assure you that it is going to give you are really funky summery look and people are surely going to compliment you for your unique style.     

4. Handmade Faux Leather Bracelet - 499 INR

Chunky Pearl Bracelet - 450 INR

Zicron Pearl Hollow Tassel Bracelet - 499 INR

All the pieces in this set are different from each other yet when style together they all complement each other well, making this whole trio look all amazing. The gold and the pearls in all the three bracelets complement each other making this whole set look really effortlessly chic. The pearls and the gold look really beautiful together and this whole bracelet set gives a really fresh and happy vibe. You can style this up with your daily college outfits, for lunch with friends, movies or any occasion and we can totally tell you that this set is never going to disappoint you and it's only going to get you tons of compliments.        

5. Natural Agate Stone Cuff Bracelet Pink - 499 INR

Attract Me Slim Bracelet - 399 INR

Stamped Me Slim Textured Gold Cuff

This whole set has a really modern feminine vibe to it which makes it look really fresh and pretty to look at. The beautiful gold and the pink stones complement each other super well. You can wear the agate stone cuff bracelet in the middle and the other two bracelets one on the top and one at last and we can assure you that this trio is going to be breathtaking. All the colours are surely going to compliment all you outfits making you look all feminine and adorable throughout the day.       

We at TGT believe in our buyers having a personal style statement so why don’t you create your own bracelet stack and combos from our wide selection of bracelets.
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