The Perfect Jewellery For The Perfect Date!

Whether it is your first date or a date 10 years later, you always want to look your best and one of the easiest ways to ensure your outfits are on point, is with the right jewellery. From subtle pieces of jewellery that will make your loved one keep coming back for a sneaky second glance to statement pieces that will keep him staring at you, chose the right pieces for the right impressions.
These are some of our favourite pieces of jewellery for a date night which we’re sure you will love wearing, and he will love staring at you in them.

Dansessuese Vintage Dangler Earrings
Silver Playfully toss your hair back to reveal these eye-catching dangler earrings. With the perfect blend of crystals and tassels, these earrings are the perfect accessory for your special night.

Soire Shimmer Stone Crystal Choker
This choker will definitely make sure his eyes are on you. Well accessorised with crystals, this is the ideal accessory for a five-star worthy date.

Victoria Stamped Metal Hair Wrap
This baroque hair accessory is a subtle way to style your hair, keeping it simple, yet classy. The accentuated metal leaves add to the overall effect, making it perfect for date night.

Trio Stretch Bracelet Crystal Clover
These bracelets with subtle crystal studs are a good way to dress up, yet keep it quirky. With just the right amount of bling, bracelets are just what you need to compliment your perfect outfit.
When finding the right jewellery for your Mr.Right, remember to wear pieces that are comfortable, so that all your attention is not diverted adjusting your accessories. Also remember to keep it practical. You do not want to wear heavy jewellery for an outdoors date or casual jewellery to a classy dinner. Your jewellery should always be a reflection of your personality and can make a few statements about you. Experiment with jewellery, but keep in mind these few tips to make a memorable impression on your date. Most importantly, wear your jewellery with confidence. After all, men love nothing more than a confident woman and is one of the things they most look for.

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