A Jewel For Your Valentine

This Valentine's Day, skip the flowers, chocolates, and corny cards. Instead, go with a tried-and-true present that ladies of all ages adore: a lovely piece of jewelry! Rather you scurrying over the next few weeks to locate the perfect present, take a look at our selection of the greatest Valentine's Day jewelry gifts this year.

Here we go:

1. Amour Lil Finger Ring Rose Gold/White

Love message ring

This gorgeous piece is all about love and there can be nothing better than a jewelry piece that can actually make your loved one feel your presence every time they look at it. It has a gorgeous design with 'love' crafted on it along with some beautiful stones. It is a really personal gift and we can bet your lady is going to love it.

Price: 500 INR     

2. Our Hearts Necklace Silver

Hearts Necklace

This necklace has an adorable design that is totally going to make your loved one awe in love the moment they look at it. It has an adorable design of two hearts cross-connected to a chain. It has gorgeous silver plating which makes it look really pretty and it sets a great example of love. Price: 399 INR    

3. Guilded Cupid Pendant Chain

Vintage Cupid Pendant Chain Necklace

Make yourself feel extra special with this one-of-a-kind cupid pendant necklace, which is not only trendy but also lovely. There can be nothing better than a cupid himself for a valentines gift. Your special one is going to feel more special after such an adorable gift. The is an ideal Valentine's Day present!
Price: 399 INR 

4. Bohemian Jumka Earrings

Bohemian Jhumka Earrings

This is such a classy and gorgeous piece that we can assure you that your special one is going to love it. The exquisite design, the rose gold color, the diamonds, the little details everything speaks perfection and class. This is such a gorgeous pair of earrings that wherever your lady wears it she's going to look the best.
Price: 499 INR     

5. Petite Metallica Bling Full Hoop Earrings

Full Hoop Earrings

We know really well how much women hoops for festive and western wear as they can always be a cherry on the cake and this earring proves it. The little detailing of gold finish and textured look makes this earring look all pure and beautiful. And always remember you can never go wrong with hoops that are picky with everyday casual wear.
Price: 299 INR  

6. Cascade Flourish Gold Ring

Texture Cocktail Ring

A lavish set of ornaments for your fingertips! With its twinkling white stones, this stylish cutwork ring is extremely stunning. This is a perfect gifting option for your lady as it has the perfect amount of bling with a gorgeous good finish which makes it even more tempting and attractive to look at.
Price: 300 INR   

7. Rope Me Up Stone Bangle Bracelet

Stone and Metal Bracelet Bangle

This bracelet has a really similar design to the eternity sign which is typically a set of unbroken lines. It has a really gorgeous stone work with an amazing silver finish which makes it even more beautiful. It is a perfect example of your love and affection for your special one.
Price: 499 INR   

8. Love Hand Harness

Love Hand Harness Bracelet

Have you yet uttered those three important words? Or perhaps you can't wait. When you do, it's a memorable day, so if you're going to say it on Valentine's Day, make it especially unique and unforgettable with this charming delicate love hand harness. Whoever receives this will  be overjoyed to get this item as a gift and will add it to their collection, especially as a treasured remembrance from the first time they said "I love you."
Price: 499 INR    

9. Mesmerize Dancing Stone Stretch Bracelet

Dancing stone stretch bracelet

This bracelet is so gorgeous that it is a complete treat to eyes. The beautiful blue stones along with the metallic front that gives it a really expensive and charming look. This gorgeous piece is going to look amazing on the hands of your leading lady and you're surely going to be complimented for your amazing choice.
Price: 499 INR     

10. Heart Me Evil Eye Earrings

Heart Evil Eye Dangling Earrings

If you want to go for a gifting option that is not too mainstream or too cliche this is the perfect piece for you. It not only looks unique but has a really thoughtful design too. The beautiful red heart connected to the Evil eye design is totally going to protect your loved one from all the bad vibes and energies. Whoever gets this is totally going to compliment you for your unique and amazing choice.  
Price: 499 INR    

Which piece of jewellery will be the best choice to demonstrate your love this Valentine's Day 2022, now that we've given you several alternatives to consider. We think she'll appreciate the thought and attention you put into your final pick, whether it's a significant necklace, a pair of heart-shaped earrings, or a stunning ring. Most importantly, she will recognise how much you love and care for her. You can also check out our The Glocal Trunk official website for some more amazing jewellery.

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