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STARDUST - White & Gold Valentine Collection

Valentines Day is just another reason to celebrate love. A day of passion, traditions, beauty, prosperity and most of all, it could just be the eventful start of a new adventure.

Giving the gift of love makes it all the more special and what better than some ethereal jewellery to seal the deal.

Here's a small selection of 5 beautiful must-have jewellery from our new Stardust - White & Gold Valentines Collection, that will render your special day look stunning and precious.

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Black Gold Black

Black & Gold have been fashion staples since time immemorial. Sometimes mundane too, but how we carry the colours and accessorise can make or break your fashion game. While safe playing is fun, go on and get creative with this jewellery and more.

Available at our Xmas Sale Collection now!

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Christmas is almost around the corner and in case you've left a few presents like us until the last moment (guilty), you may start panicking. Want to express your affection in a...

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We at The Glocal Trunk have a playful catalogue for all your pairings , whether you want to mix your stones and couple your pearls with rose gold or gold colour details in dainty styles or looking for that bling it on style. We’ve got your back - rather hands - covered!

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Without the basics, there can be no closet - that Little Red Dress, a great leather jacket, a plain white shirt with the pair of high heels that blend with every ensemble. These components provide...

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