Styling Jewellery For A Zoom Meeting

Now that we have been catapulted back into lockdowns and city-wide curfews, our basements, spare bedrooms or kitchens have once again regained the proud title of 'work spaces'.
This unprecedented move has encouraged a rush of comfortable loungewear designs with an aim to look 'up to the mark' in our laid-back settings. To pick up the pace of our #WFH (work from home) outfits, wearing modest jewellery from the shoulders-up, to flaunt with our cozy and relaxed yet chic attire, is becoming a new trend.

The Glocal Trunk does not want you to stay behind and has rounded up 5 jewellery in-vogue trends of 2021 that will serve as an inspiration for you.  

Here are some of the most dazzling jewels to wear to your next Zoom meeting and rejuvenate yours as well as your co-workers' spirits!  

1. Trace Me Choker Gold

Gold Choker Online


It's time for a gorgeous jaw-dropping choker! A modernist take on a scale design choker collar necklace, people will be drawn to your presence when they set their on the cutest outlier of a symmetrical piece with confident lines and bold shapes. Wear this with any outfit, a professional one-piece dress or suit-pants, depending on your personal preference.  

2. Into the Blue Stone Bracelet  

Blue Stone Bracelet

  This beautiful antique copper bracelet with streaks of blue, that reflects the look of a serene, summer lake is an absolute stunner. Put this on with western wear or a simple traditional kurta and something magical is bound to happen in your next Zoom conference call with all the positivity floating around.  

3. Double Floret Studs  

   Pearl Studs Online

You cannot go wrong with these pleasing stud earrings, they are perfect for your WFH routines in every single way! This elegantly designed double studs with intricate metal work on the flower and the pearl back worn on official monochrome shirts and trousers will grant an additional composed and calm demeanor to your business-woman aura.

4. Paved Statement Ring  

Pearl and Gold Ring Online

This fashion statement pearl and stone ring is the ideal accessory in your monotonous work schedule to keep your mood elevated throughout the day! This is a versatile gold trinket that will work its charm on any outfit from western jumpsuits, deep- colored blazers to slacks and will add boldness to your hand gestures while in a meeting or an official video conversation.  

5. Masonite Pendant Necklace

  Buy Long Pendant Necklace Online

Everyone will instantly love the gentle, deep shade of brown in this neckpiece that radiates the tranquility and composure of the nature around us! Flaunt your unique personality on your colleagues' smart screens with this elegant and composed metal pendant necklace. The combination of a deep-neck plain floral dress, dark crewneck t-shirt or official business attire is guaranteed to be a stellar one.  

These jewellery pieces are exquisite and just the right amount of chic to complement your online workplace attire with a touch of sophistication. Choose from your heart's desire and shop from TGT today.

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