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Caring for Fashion Jewellery

Some of the most exquisite, meaningful and probably expensive possession of yours might be residing in your jewellery cabinet, and you might be doing your utmost to take care of them and keep them in their prime conditions. But are you using the appropriate techniques that actually yield results? Fashion jewellery or artificial jewellery as we call it, is not made of pure metal throughout and pollution, alcohol, synthetics, water and even sanitizer can damage the pieces, leaving them dull and dingy. We at The Glocal Trunk believe that it is important to keep our ornaments clean, hygienic and free of unwanted germs. And with most of us under lockdowns and curfews, we aren’t wearing all our jewellery the way we usually would, sparing some delicate daily wear styles. To make that caring for your loved pieces easy for you, we have rounded up some relatively easy household methods to achieve this.

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Styling Jewellery For A Zoom Meeting

Now that we have been catapulted back into lockdowns and city-wide curfews, our basements, spare bedrooms or kitchens have once again regained the proud title of 'work spaces'. This unprecedented move has encouraged a rush of comfortable loungewear designs with an aim to look 'up to the mark' in our laid-back settings. To pick up the pace of our #WFH (work from home) outfits, wearing modest jewellery from the shoulders-up, to flaunt with our cozy and relaxed yet chic attire, is becoming a new trend. The Glocal Trunk does not want you to stay behind and has rounded up 5 jewellery in-vogue trends of 2021 that will serve as an inspiration for you. Here are some of the most dazzling jewels to wear to your next Zoom meeting and rejuvenate yours as well as your co-workers' spirits!

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Jewellery comes to our rescue any time we have to brighten up our look. Your casual top, flirty dress or formal wear would look much more chic with the perfect necklace or sets of sparkly statement earrings. And, with your beloved 2021 handbags or accessories, jewellery choices are sure to be ample and new this Spring- Summer 2021.
So that you don't have to wait another minute to buy your favourite summer bling, we've shortlisted 5 jewellery pieces to keep an eye out for this season. After all, our ensemble is in dire need of new shiny accents.

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Pairing Bohemian and Tribal Jewellery

Bohemian and tribal trinkets are some of the most unique and enchanting forms of jewellery in India made with stones, shells, beads or crude metal. They instantly reflect a primal type of earthly beauty when you set your eyes on them. The Glocal Trunk does not let you exclude a bohemian-tribal styled fashion statement look from your multi-faceted wardrobe, with its beautiful and miscellaneous collection of handmade 'bohemian and tribal' inspired jewels ranging from breathtaking beaded or silver finish necklaces, bracelets, hand and foot harnesses to stone embellished earrings, nose pins etc.! Here are some very creative and inspirational in-vogue fashion pairings, discovered from TGT's new Spring Summer Edit - 'Eclectic' and the bohemian-tribe section of the trunk, that are sure to attract your attention until you feel compelled enough to add them to your jewel-closets right away.

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Adorning jewellery is considered by most women as an unavoidable fashion accessory, which has the potential to flaunt an upscale, sophisticated statement when paired with the right outfit. Spring and Summer seasons are an iconic time and they call for a myriad of such statements, to be made at a time where some people have just started to shed the memories of state lockdowns and have moved into somewhat normal routines of working in physical environments, vacationing and celebrating occasions.  
The Glocal Trunk's new Spring Summer Collection - Eclectic may just be the assortment you are looking for! It is an elegant collection of gold and silver pieces, encased in unusual combinations and a vibrant juxtaposition of gemstones that brings delicate finesse, ingenuity and flair to the table.  
Here are some of the creations that serve as trailblazers for the entire collection that will set you running to explore and get your hands on your favourite jewels from the newest collection from the 'Trunk'.

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