Caring for Fashion Jewellery

Some of the most exquisite, meaningful and probably expensive possession of yours might be residing in your jewellery cabinet, and you might be doing your utmost to take care of them and keep them in their prime conditions. But are you using the appropriate techniques that actually yield results?

Fashion jewellery or artificial jewellery as we call it, is not made of pure metal throughout and pollution, alcohol, synthetics, water and even sanitizer can damage the pieces, leaving them dull and dingy.

We at The Glocal Trunk believe that it is important to keep our ornaments clean, hygienic and free of unwanted germs. And with most of us under lockdowns and curfews, we aren’t wearing all our jewellery the way we usually would, sparing some delicate daily wear styles. To make that caring for your loved pieces easy for you, we have rounded up some relatively easy household methods to achieve this.  

Here are a few recommendations that can be practiced at home which will keep your jewellery looking at its best and preserve its glamour when not in immediate use.

1. Choose the storage place intelligently 

Store your jewellery in ziplocked bags. Designate one piece per bag and try wrapping each in anti-tarnish paper or eyeglass cloth. The plastic pouch keeps it from rubbing against any other hard surfaces and oxidization or color change of the metal is prevented because of no exposure to air and moisture.  

2. Pre-usage care 

Anything water/oil-based including lotions, perfumes, hairspray and makeup with chemical ingredients can potentially tarnish the finish of the jewel pieces. Wait until your body is dry to wear the piece and refrain from keeping it on your person while taking a bath, shower, washing dishes or doing laundry. This would ensure that the requirement of frequent cleaning, maintenance is reduced and the possibility of corrosion is very mild.  

3. Post-usage care

Wipe your jewellery with a clean microfiber cloth after each use to remove body oils, this way you would not need to clean it often. All dirt, water or any effect of air pollution that might have impacted and accumulated on the jewelry would be wiped off, thus making it look like new for a longer period.  

4. Tools to use while cleaning your fashion trinkets

 Good old-fashioned soft cloth works best for soft stones and plated jewellery. Wiping Jewellery gently with chamois cloth or with any soft cloth after removing the jewellery from its pouch would add to its life.

Tip : When cleaning you need to be sure no liquid is being used. The liquid might loosen stones in stone jewellery and make it fall out. Also, using water could tarnish the sheen of fashion jewellery.  

5. Frequent inspection

Make sure to keep jewellery away from direct heat, water, perfumes, deodorants and other strong chemicals.  

A woman's jewellery is akin to a piece of clothing to her, it accompanies her to business meetings, celebrations and casual walks on a sunny day, so keep look after it the way it deserves to be.

Employ these valuable tips and bask in the everlasting beauty of TGT's trinkets by tending to them every now and then! Especially now that we are locked in at home with some time on our hands.

So go on sort, wipe, preserve!

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