Brighten Your Days With TGT’s Multicoloured Jewellery

Featuring a stunning range of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces, these wondrously unique choices are straight from the most vibrant, high-spirited, energized and lively collections of jewellery. The Glocal Trunk has stepped up its game again by bringing together a colorful assortment of captivating baubles that are outstanding for gifting, attractive wear and marking special occasions.  
Here is a list of gorgeous and irresistible selection of bijoux decked with a variety of colors from the rainbow, that serve as faces for more such trinkets in the trunk that are waiting to be explored and owned by you.  

1. Blume In Fall Necklace    

Bohemian Stone Necklace

Floral and colorful, a playful mix of hues and majestically shaped precious stones unite to create a stunning piece of jewellery that will surely bring a delightful smile to your face everytime you wear it! This extravagant metal necklace with red, purple, white and blue stones flaunts an up-to-date combination of ethnicity and modernity. Wear this funky piece on casual dresses, shirts, long skirts on weekend outings or holidays and soak up the energy.  

2. Spring Dance Multicolored Earrings

Bohemian Stone and Bead Earrings   

The beautiful whimsicality of these pretty little baubles hits you in the feels right away! Perfect for your upcoming functions, these vintage bohemian multicolor earrings are a force of nature. They will go perfectly with suits, sarees or Indian costumes on festivals as well as ordinary days and fill them up with liveliness and vigor!  

3. Crystal Dream Hand Harness Colored & Silver  

Crystals and Stone Metal Link Hand Harness

  This breath-taking piece of jewellery has magnificent craftwork which is easily flaunted by the multicolored crystals in all their abstract glory! Be different, be yourself and exhibit your out-of-bounds style to the world with this bling metal hand harness with multicolored crystals. Wear this on summer outfits, light-weight lehengas or festive anarkali kurtis and catch your dazzle back.  

4. Crescent Adjustable Finger Ring

  Multicoloured Stone Ring Online

  We can't stop staring! A unique elevated framework of vibrant multicolored stones against the charming backdrop of a graceful, stylish adjustable ring so fine that you won't be able to let go. This ultimate gorgeous piece will work just fine on weddings, offices, evening parties or vacations and can be worn with jumpsuits, crew-tees, shirt-pants or cocktail dresses. Its flexibility on any outfit and your coolness while wearing it know no bounds!  

5. Layla Bohemian Earrings

  Bohemian Dangler Earrings Online

  With a vibrant juxtaposition of stones and enamel, these earrings are valuable and extremely versatile! The geometric design and the contrast between red and blue stones are what make this pair magnificent. Wear them with an evening gown or with a lace lehenga, they will absolutely be the highlight of your attire. The timelessness and evergreen quality of these earrings is absolutely something to look out for!  

Set ablaze trails of glamour with this jaw-dropping collection of masterpieces that you can't afford to miss.
Forever precious and valuable, be it elegant earrings, beautiful crystals or stunning rings, TGT offers you all. Grab them now as your own and shine brighter than ever.

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