Mesmerising White Toned Jewellery  

Jewellery symbolizes a lot of things for us. White toned or Silver plated jewellery is a classic go-to for a subtle wearer and lover of jewels. Ranging from sparkling whites to antique silver finishes, our trunk have a style for every taste. We at, The Glocal Trunk, have painstakingly listed out some of our lovely whites across our collections.

Made by our own #vocalforlocal experts, feel free to choose the ones which best suit you and your style.


1. Braided Cz Openable Kadda/Bracelet

Cz American Diamond Bracelet

The intricate workmanship of this gorgeous bracelet is perfect for a discerning wearer. For the lover subtle jewellery this one stands high in being a go-to timeless jewe with its high quality embellishments. Nothing can beat an elegant look that a stunning and regal bracelet can give you. The fact that is handcrafted assures us of its durability and strength. Pair it with a saree, a top or wear it for everyday. This ones a keeper for all attire’s and occasions.    

2. Felicity Open Ring

American Diamond Ring

Simple plain rings can match any look for sure but increase your style by a notch. But why go for the ones which are too basic. Why not try out the new crystal embedded open rings. You could wear this with no other jewellery on a mundane day and glam it up with more accessories for parties too. A versatile design for a discerning eye.  

3. Banjaran Tribal Bib Neckpiece

Tribal Bib Necklace

Nothing talks louder and clearer than the neckpiece embedded with stones. This piece which is a collar bib style is beautifully made up of translucent blue and white baguette style stones. These colours attract and underline the beauty of the neck piece. It can be styled with various indo western outfits giving out a tribal chic vibe.      

4. Chic Knuckle Ring White Knuckle Rings

While rings may be for everyday look you cannot stick with the same mundane ones with your bold outfits. A fun wear, this Chic Knuckle Ring is perfect to pair with statement wear. This white-knuckle ring is the one made for someone who appreciates a unique look. Pair it with metallic nail paints and an exquisite outfit. The attention and look will be worth your purchase.      

5. Pearl Bunched Tassels Clip on

Pearl & Stone Earrings Online


A dramatic pair which makes sure that it brings in more attention with every sway. The visual appearance of the bunched pearls with its ornately crafted stone studs alone catches ones eyes. This pair screams fashion, charisma and style. They are easy to wear clip ons and can be combined with various outfits.          

Silver and white jewellery can be rotated with your wardrobe, they make the best jewellery to wear on daily basis. With affordability, durability and designs they have a lot to offer its customers.

Choose your jewellery wisely, but keep it chic with our collections at The Glocal Trunk.

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