Boho, Bold, Beautiful Bling!

Bohemian or Boho (as is it more popularly known as) jewellery is superhot right now. The trend is making heads turn all over and we too can’t help loving it.
Famous for being a blend of tribal and gypsy like in nature, bohemian styled accessories are easy to wear and are true to their nature.
We’re currently flaunting our favourite silver pieces in a variety of styles and looks and we think you should take a look at them.

Miriado Chunky Silver Necklace
Flowers are epitome of boho nature and we couldn’t agree more. This chunky necklace dotted with multi-coloured flowers is just what we need to brighten up our summer. Its bright hues of blue, red, yellow and pink go well on plain outfits add a touch of colour while enhancing your whole look.

Estrela Choker Necklace Silver

Add sparkle to your look with this choker. With its easy going style of a chain and crystals, it creates a perfect boho sheen look which is easy to wear with a dress for a formal occasion or even as a statement piece when you dress to impress.

Scatter Me Choker Necklace Gold/Silver/Grey

The random arrangement of crystals in this choker is synonymous with bohemian styles. For a fun accessory to a dress or blouse this choker is perfect to make a statement and add a touch of bling without being too over the top at the same time.

Clara Metal Beaded Flat Collar Necklace Silver
A classic Greek style flat collar necklace, gets a boho twist when paired with a loose flowing dress or an ethnic outfit for a Western touch to your look. The multi-layered beaded look is also great to add a bit of glam to your work look when worn with a shirt.

Our Hearts Necklace Silver

The free-falling arrangement of hearts is typically bohemian and makes a good addition to an outfit for a special date night. Wear it with a little black dress and kitten heels or simply slip it on to your workwear if you are stepping out after office and you’re guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Silver necklaces are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery a woman can won. They suit every skin tone and outfit and can easily transform from day to night pieces making them the perfect bohemian styled jewellery-carefree and adaptable; qualities synonymous with the lifestyle.

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