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Cubic zirconia jewellery hits the right chord, slipping in between pricey gemstone jewellery and inexpensive costume jewellery. Known as a stone imitating the gleam of a diamond without burning a hole in your pocket. These twinkling baubles are perfect for destination weddings, travel & for daily wear especially if you like sporting a new piece of jewellery everyday.

While they shimmer & shine when acquired, its essential to know how to care for those pieces of jewels in a manner that preserves both the jewels and it’s intricate designs when you continue to invest in cubic zirconia jewels.

Here are few tips to help you maintain your CZ jewellery perfectly.


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While CZ jewellery can appear to the human eye much like crystals, they are not closely as strong as diamonds, so they require maintenance more often and carefully. To tidy up the jewels directly, choose a soft brush, softly scrubbing with wet, gentle soapy water to remove of any buildup of dirt (the base metal for using water should either be gold or silver as alloy will blacken under the use of water )   In warm water, wash your pieces of cubic zirconia jewellery well, as shower scum will actually develop over a period of time in your jewellery, and then allow it to dry with a smooth, clean rag. Don't ever wipe or dry jewels with tissues. Project at least each 2 to 3 months to wash your cubic zirconia jewellery to have it looking its finest.  


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Metals varying from bronze and 18k gold jewellery to silverplate or perhaps even sheet metal can have cubic zirconia placed in their jewellery design. The better the consistency of the product, the more certain it is that your jewellery will stay flawless. On the other side, inexpensive metals are more prone to taint or even to get dented with wear and tear.   For cleaning sterling steel cubic zirconia jewels, as well as copper, use a high-quality jewels cleaning and taint remover. Even then, just as you wash the gems themselves, if the gold or silver coloured jewellery is made of with base metal - to avoid scratching - clean it with a dry velvet cloth to liven its sheen and remove the built up residue.  


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You need to give greater focus to the metallic settings housing the jewels when you're handling your cubic zirconia jewellery than to the actual gem. It is doubtful that the CZ will get scratched or harmed.   To contain your most valuable items, use a jewellery pouch or allocate a part of your jewellery case. To stop jewellery pieces from brushing up against one another, foam cushions and soft cloths will make a huge difference in your jewellery box.  


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Maintain your elegant cubic zirconia jewellery free from corrosive substances of all sorts when you carry it. While you rinse your hands or add lotion, remove your rings and necklaces and don't use them when you sweep your bathroom or do laundry.Benteke silver can be harmed by ammonia and the other contaminants in bathtubs, so take off your faux diamond cubic zirconia jewellery before diving in. Before exercise, take out your CZ jewellery as well, as the perspiration will fade the jewels. Wearing the cubic zirconia stones carefully and taking them off while undertaking things such as planting, laundry, sweeping and swimming is a smart idea too.

So take full hold of these helpful tricks that will help your precious jewels stay shiny and luxuriant and maintain their longevity and sheen.

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