Earrings are the classic no-fuss piece of jewelry, whether they're simple studs or spectacular dangles, they help you look put-together but not overdone. We've got the basics on all the different sorts of earrings, from more current earring styles like danglers and drops to classic earrings like studs and hoops.
Read on to shop for some of our handpicked some eclectic pieces.

Here we go:  

1. Hollow Metallica Bling Hoops

These chic hoops are essential for you if you are a lover of simple but statement pieces. The hollow design totally goes with the hoop trend these days. Its design doesn't make it look like a basic pair of hoop earrings but gives it a really chic and edgy look. This one is totally worth your style and money.

Price: 399 INR    

2. Petite Metallica Bling Full Hoop Earrings

This beautiful pair of hoop earrings have such a simple but beautiful design that one can not take their eyes off them. It has three textured ductwork hoops connected together giving it a really fuller and pretty design. These earrings can be your perfect partner for your everyday outfits for college, lunch, and other plans. And at the same time, they won't disappoint you if you want to style them with your kurtas and sarees. These are going to be your besties for a long time.

Price: 299 INR   

3. Mesh Bling Hook Danglers

These are the pair to turn your boring days and boring outfits into all glam. These earrings have the perfect bling to brighten all your parties. If you are someone who loves shiny blingy pieces this is the perfect piece to add that extra drama and oomph toh any of your boring outfits. You are totally going to steal all the limelight with these ones.

Price: 499 INR  

4. Bohemian Beaded Disc Dangler Earrings

These beautiful bohemian beaded dangers are a total treat to the eyes. The beautiful gold, silver, and blue give it a really lively and bright look. These are totally going to give light to light-colored outfits and are totally going to compliment them. We know how globally loved bohemian jewelry is hence this is a piece we cannot miss. Get your hands on these beauties asap!

Price: 499 INR    

5. Silver Sun Stud Earrings

These beauties look nothing less than a bright shining sun throwing its light or should I say beauty on everyone around. These studs with such a petite and delicate design can be a game-changer to any outfit. Be it a formal event or some festivities these are never going to disappoint you. These are totally going to make you shine the brightest in any gathering.

Price: 499 INR   

6. A Drop Of Sea Studs

These studs are a perfect example of sheer elegance. The exquisite design and the beautiful sea green color totally go hand in hand giving it an elegant and gorgeous look. Style this app with your everyday outfits or parrot up with a gorgeous dress for a starry night. These ones are totally not going to disappoint you.

Price: 399 INR  

7. Filigree Drop Earrings

Be it a small festivity or be it a grand wedding, these pairs of earrings are never going to disappoint you. These earrings are a perfect example of elegance. The exquisite design and the beautiful stones and pearls in this earring not only give it a gorgeous look but also make it a total treat to the eyes of others. It has a gorgeous gold finish which makes it a perfect match for all your ethnic outfits making you shine the brightest wherever you go.

Price: 350 INR  

8. Innocence Nuance Drop Earrings

The beautiful crystals embedded in these earrings are totally going to make you the center of attention at any party you go to. The chic design and the gorgeous little details make the earrings a total treat to the eyes. Pair this up with a beautiful Satin dress and this is totally going to accentuate your whole look making you look all glam and beautiful.

Price: 299 INR  

9. Pearl Grains Top Earrings

We all know how evergreen peoples are and how they never go out of fashion. These gorgeous earrings have beautiful little pearls scattered in their middle surrounded by gorgeous peach stones which give them a vintage. And no one can deny how in vintage fashion and jewelry is currently so getting there is a total must because it can make any of your boring outfits all bright and lively with its pretty design.

Price: 399 INR  

10. Neel Stone Top Earrings

Do I really need to explain how gorgeous easy earrings are? They look straight out of the jewelry box of a queen of Rajasthan with its gorgeous detailing and beautiful blue stones embedded in it. It will look super pretty with white outfits like white Anarkali kurta or saree and it'll look really beautiful.
Price: 499 INR   

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