Mix & Match For The Perfect Look!

For years we’ve been hearing that ‘less is more’ when it comes to accessorising. But we’re here to tell you that more is more. Especially with jewellery. Mixing and matching accessories opens up plenty of accessorising options; in fact, it is almost like creating your own unique looks to match your personality and look.
If you’re unsure how to go about with it, read on to know more about what The Glocal Trunk accessories to pair together.

Metal Melange
The rule of sticking to a single metal no longer applies when it comes to jewellery. We encourage you to mix all kinds of metals for an instantly dressier look. For example, pair an Attract Me Slim Bracelet with a Knot Me Silver Clasp Bracelet to create a look that’s perfect for a dinner date.

Stack It Up
Layered jewellery has been one of our favourite trends for a long time and we particularly love working this with rings. Stacked rings create a quirky look and when worn right has the power to lift your outfit completely. Pair the Cascade Wave Rose Gold Ring with a Mirare Nail Ring to flaunt your hands in the best way possible.

Go Colour Crazy
Forget about everything everyone ever told you about matching your accessories. Break the monotony by mixing and matching different colours to build a fun look for a casual lunch or movie plans. The Bohemian Tribal Silver & Stone Choker and the Boho Beaded Multilayer Pink & White Necklace work well together if you ask us. We love the way the blue and silver from the choker work with the pink beads.

Mix Big With Small 
If you have multiple ear piercings, a good idea to mix and match is with your earrings. We love wearing different earrings and think that wearing the Jane Stud Style Flat Hoops in our lower holes along with Petit Studs Black is such a good way to make a statement.

Lovely Layers
Bracelets are the easiest way to mix and match your accessories. One of the easiest ways to pull off this look is with the Handmade Silver Multi Strand Bracelet and the Clasp Me Leather Cuff Red.

Mixing and matching your jewellery can be tricky sometimes, and can even be a little intimidating at times. But once you have learned what looks good together and what you can pair up, the possibilities are endless.

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