Pairing Gold Bracelets And Necklaces

We all know what a versatile and gorgeous shade gold is and especially when it comes to jewelry we think hardly anything can match the beauty of a gold colour jewellery piece. It goes really well with almost all of outfits giving them a more regal and gorgeous look.
If you know how to pair these gorgeous gold colour pieces then you are good to go as we all know that the key lies in styling. If you know how to style it right we think half the job is done.
Read on to check out our handpicked selection of necklaces and bracelets which can be paired and worn together for that perfect look.

1. Rosy Vintage Multi - Chain Long Necklace & Myra Matte Finish Openable Bangle Bracelet

 If you are someone who likes minimalistic pieces and does not like going overboard with the accessories this is the perfect combo for you. It has a beautiful Rosy vintage multi chain long necklace which has beautiful enamel flowers and stones embellished in it. The bracelet has a gold matte finish without being too extra looking really chic and simple. Both of these pieces can be styled really well together because of their minimalistic design as both the pieces have a really simple and chic design. You can style it up with your denims, dresses, kurtas etc depending upon your taste and we can assure you that it is going to look super good with everything.

Price: 499 INR  

Price: 599 INR  

2. Track Me Choker Gold & Summer Star Gold Bracelet Cuff

Do I really need to tell you guys how gorgeous this combo is? Both the pieces are really gorgeous to look at and our complete treat to eyes. The golden choker has a really minimalistic design to it but when worn with the right outfit will look extremely gorgeous whereas the bracelet looks astonishing with the beautiful Stones embellished in it and looks super gorgeous in the golden shade. You can style both of them together as they will compliment each other super well. The bracelet has a really clingy and shiny design whereas the necklace is really minimalistic. They are like two pieces who are really different from each other but at the same time will complement each other super well. You can style both of these places with a black satin dress along with black heels red lips and we can assure you that you're going to look amazing.

Price: 499 INR

Price: 699 INR  

3. Circle Around Gold Collar & Bling it On Multi Chain Bracelet

Looking for a Combo to style with your college outfits without going overboard or without being too boring. Don't worry peeps we have got your back. This combo is perfect for your college outfits as it has a really different and versatile design which will totally complement any boring to boring outfit. The circle around gold collar has a really statement design which without being too much looks really fashionable whereas the bracelet has a really fun design with different layers to it which will look absolutely gorgeous when adorned on your beautiful hands.    

Price: 499 INR  

Price: 699 INR  

4. Fluid Crystal & Tassel Statement Necklace & Anchor Me Tassel Bracelet Cuff Black Red Yellow

We all know what fun and good white tassels give and this combo is all about fun and experimenting. It has a beautiful fluid crystal and tassel statement necklace along with the tassel bracelet. Both of them have tassels which give them a really fun vibe and are really pretty to look at. The necklace has a really statement design with beautiful crystals embellishing the neck making it look really antique and gorgeous. You can style it up with a white Maxi dress along with the tassel bracelet and we can assure you that you are going to look gorgeous.  

Price: 999 INR  

Price: 499 INR  

5. Springs Here Distressed Floral Necklace & Orchid Crystal & Metal Gold Bracelet

Spring season is here so how can we forget floral jewellery pieces, the perfect best friend for the spring season. Both the pieces of the set, the necklace and the bracelet have a floral design with beautiful little stones embellished in them making them look all gorgeous and beautiful. The golden colour and the floral design of both the pieces complement each other really well making them look as if they were actually a part of a set. The little detailings and the gorgeous golden colour make this combo a must have. You can style it with your Indian wear as well as dresses and we can totally assure you that it is going to look amazing on everything.

Price: 499 INR   
Price: 499 INR  

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