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No matter what the occasion, we all love receiving gifts. Jewellery will always be a favourite as there is nothing more precious and special. There’s plenty to pick from and why not go the extra mile and personalise your gifts? After all, it will put a brighter smile on your friend or family or loved one’s face and make it a truly memorable gift. Design Me – Click Button Jewellery Click Button Jewellery is the latest trend to storm the fashion jewellery market.
This new age style of interchangeable jewellery in the form of buttons is the perfect way to match jewellery, change your look to suit every occasion and is also a pocket- friendly option.

Do you feel like wearing a black earring one day, or a pink the next?
With Design Me-Click Button jewellery, now you can with a simple swap of a button.

How It Works

Step 1:
Picking out your base has never been simpler. Pick from Button Drop Crystal Earrings or a Button Stretch Bracelet Gold or the Snake Chain Pendant White.      OR OR

Step 2:
Add Any 2 Buttons. There’s plenty to pick from here with options like the dazzling Blue Storm Set Of 6 Buttons or a Floral Click Button. The Snowflake Click Button White and the Snowman Click Button Red are also perfect for a memorable Christmas present. We’re sure your mother will love her Mother Daughter Click Button Purple button as well.

Step 3:
Review your order, make sure you got the best of the best and continue to place your order. Gifting really can’t get as simple as three steps; especially for a customisable gift that will bring joy to someone’s life.

Finding the perfect gift need not be a daunting task anymore with easy gifting options. We’re sure these are gifts that will make the occasion even more special.
After all, this gift is something that will stay forever and become a part of a person’s memories.

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