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Classic & Contemporary Jewellery

From zoom weddings, to intimate settings, to a destination wedding for few. We’ve seen it all recently. What hasn’t changed is our innate need to dress up with the right attire and some stunning, eye catching jewellery. So here we share some classic & contemporary styles from our overflowing treasure trunk, for you to choose from and work your way through the bridal season. Whether you’re attending a wedding or are an integral part of one. Here are some fine go-to jewellery options.

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08 January, 2018 / by The Glocal Trunk Comments(0)

Bejewelled Bridal Showers

A bridal shower is one of the most significant parties a woman attends in her life. If you are the lucky one chosen to be your bestie’s maid of honour,...

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20 December, 2017 / by The Glocal Trunk Comments(0)

Xmas Cheer With Red, White & Green!

The festive season is back and it’s time to party! Christmas is the perfect excuse to flaunt your best dresses, perfectly accessorised with the right jewellery. It is also the...

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Sunday Brunch...With The Glocal Trunk Baubles!

A wise man once said that a Sunday well spent, brings a week full of contentment and we couldn’t agree more. At The Glocal Trunk, our idea of the perfect...

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12 October, 2017 / by The Glocal Trunk Comments(1)

The Gift Of Jewellery This Diwali

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