Statement Party Earrings

"You are never entirely dressed without a smile," they said. Add a set of statement earrings to the mix too, we advise. This is one of the statement-making accessories of the highest order in the jewelry world and is certainly not for the faint hearted. In millennial lingo, it could even be described as vicious.

Statement jewelry is your best friend for the festivities, if you are someone who likes experimenting and play your fashion game boldly. Statement earrings are the metaphorical knights in shining armor that any worried damsel in distress can bank on, whether it's to elevate that basic white shirt or simply to update that old Banarasi saree.

There are different types of statement earrings available in the market which are often difficult to choose from but not to worry ladies, we are here to help you. Here is a list of some yes! you got it right, ‘statement earrings’ by The Glocal Trunk which you can style in any way you want and elevate your outfit in just a fraction of seconds.

Here we go:  

1. Palm Springs Pear & Metal Dangler Earrings

Long Metal and Pearl Earrings

These beautiful yet unique Hawaiian style assented metal dangle earrings are perfect to add that extra Oomph or drama to any outfit. They have a really exquisite design which not only looks really beautiful but also quite unique. It has a beautiful work of Metal Stone and pearls and is gold plated. The beautiful flower with a leafy design and the pearl in the middle is a cherry on the top. This particular design gives this earring a really unique look which would look amazing if paired with the right outfit. Style it with a white kurta and jutti and it will look amazing and complement the whole outfit. You can never go wrong with such statement pieces.

Price: 899 INR  

2. Stardust Pearl & Metal Long Dangler Earrings

Star Pearl and Metal Long Earrings

We cannot think of something more perfect when looking at these beautiful greek style earrings. These unique earrings are beautiful and would look amazing if paired with Bohemian or simple dresses. They have quite a unique design. The beautiful moon, sun, stars and other little designs in this earring are what makes it unique. It has that vintage touch in it which would make anyone crave for them. It can add that extra home to any outfit and elevate it ten times if paired properly. This is like a must-have pair of earrings if you are someone who likes to experiment with earrings or if you're someone who's an enthusiast of unique designs.

Price: 999 INR  

3. Grecian Sunrise Metal Dangler Earrings

Gold Long Earrings

This metallic gold-plated pair of earrings is something you cannot stop raving about. It has a vintage-inspired aesthetic which will look extremely beautiful because of the little minute details it has. If you're looking for a modern take on traditional earrings this dramatic drop style is truly breathtaking. If styled up with the clean classic maxi dress or paired up with a kurta and sarees it is going to look amazing. Not going to lie, you are going to look gorgeous. These earrings are quite unique and having them in your wardrobe would help you to experiment a lot. Go grab these as soon as you can as this particular piece is going to grab a lot of attention.

Price: 1199 INR  

4. Sea Pearl Long Mesh Earrings

Shoulder brush earrings

One thing that you never go wrong with is metal and pearls. And this beautiful pair has both. This beautiful earring is perfect if you're looking for something light and minimal but truly breathtaking. The beautiful Pearl and Golden Metal look so subtle together and can be worn with most of the items. It is a really versatile piece and can be paired up with almost all the outfits be it Indian or Western. If you're someone who likes a simple and minimal piece this one will look amazing. Style it with outfits having bare shoulders or dresses with thin pencil straps and I can't even tell you how amazing it's going to look. You are going to look like a complete goddess in this.

Price: 599 INR 

5. Sandy Shimmer Mid Flat Mesh Earrings

Mesh Earrings Online

These earrings are going to be your best friend if you're someone who likes partying. These extremely gorgeous earrings have the power to steal the charm of any outfit. It would be amazing with almost all outfits no matter what the colour is. Pair it up with a short metallic silver backless bodycon dress and heels and oomph you are going to look like a complete goddess. This particular earring is a must in every wardrobe as it has vast styling possibilities. Get them as soon as you can.

Price: 699 INR  

6. Nuance Enamel Dainty Earring Green

Enamel Stone Earrings

These at deco dangler earrings are super pretty and chic. The beautiful combination of green, gold, and white looks super amazing together. The upper part of the earring has the design of a green Flower outlined by golden enamel with three beautiful crystals on the end. The beautiful crystals are a cherry on the top of this earring and they make it look super beautiful and unique. Pair them with simple and bold outfits and it is totally going to be a total game-changer in your wardrobe.

Price: 499 INR   

These are just few of the many statement earrings from our over flowing online store. To shop for these and more beautiful and unique designs go visit our website. They could add some twist to your traditional festival looks too! Shop here: Earrings by TGT

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