Festivals are all about good times and beautiful outfits. And when it comes to your shopping list don't forget that every outfit requires the perfect jewellery to complete the look. And it should not just be any jewellery it should be something blingy or something beautiful which will look amazing with your traditional outfits.

When talking about jewellery, how can we ignore our ‘SPLENDOUR - Opulent Festival Jewellery Online by The Glocal Trunk’ jhumkas and Kundan bracelets? Jhumkas never go out of trend no matter what the season is. Jhumkas look elegant and classy and go with most of the outfits. Now coming to Kundan bracelets Kundan is universally known for its intricate work and its versatility paired with any outfit .

Jhumkas and Kundan bracelets tend to look amazing together and are a perfect match for any Indian outfit. So here are our meticulously curated 5 TGT jhumkas paired along with 5 TGT Kundan bracelets to help you step up your fashion game this festive season without any hassle.

Here we go:

1. Flora Enamel, Stone X Pearls Small Jhumka Earrings Grey X Zevar Bead & Kundan Flower Bracelet - Grey

Jhumka Earrings Online  Kundan Stretch Bracelet
Florals and look really mesmerising together and what a treat it is when they both come together in a jhumka. This beautiful pair of jhumka has such a unique colour and the size and quality of the product look amazing. The pearls and the grey colour of the jhumkas totally compliment each other. Now coming to the bracelet. If you're someone who is a fan of Kundan jewellery you must be aware of how amazing Kundan looks with grey beads. It is such a classy piece and is totally a dreamy piece for anyone. If paired together these two pieces are going to look alluring. The grey on the jewellery pieces is totally going to compliment each other beautifully. The similar floral design on both the pieces make them actually look like a set. If you pair both of them with a beautiful white or get a saree with a bun you're going to look like a complete goddess. You can also pair it up with a beautiful heavy chikankari kurta, juttis and you're all dolled up for any occasion.  

2. Chand Moti Jhumka Earrings - Grey and Chamak Kundan & Pearl Double Drop Bracelet

Jhumka Earrings  Kundan And Pearl Bracelet Online

This is one of those pieces which you can't stop raving about. It has such a beautiful and alluring design which is such a treat to the eyes. If you are someone who loves designs that are inspired by the moon, this one is a go-to for you. It has a beautiful design of a half-moon with some beautiful Moti work. It has a really magnificent and Royal look to itself. Now coming to our second piece Chamak Kundan and pearl double drop bracelet. This piece is such a unique and mesmerizing design it is really different and unique from the others available in the market. This bracelet has a unique quality of going with almost every jewellery piece. It can be a bracelet for almost every outfit. Both these pieces would go really well together because of their similar design. Both the pieces have an angelic and royal touch in the design which makes them go together super well. You can pair it up with a beautiful heavy suit and heels and you look amazing on any occasion.   

3. Suraiya Kundan & Pearls Big Jhumka Earrings and Kaya Kundan & Pearl Bracelet

Big Kundan And Pearl Jhumka Earrings Pearl and Stone Bracelet

These beautiful jhumkas are beautiful rays of sun shine. The design of this jhumka is inspired by the design of the shining sun. It also gives us the image of a beautiful star twinkling bright in the sky. It has a surreal design and will look super amazing with any ethnic outfit. Now coming to the second piece Kundan and pearl bracelet. This piece can be described only by using one breathtaking word. This is such a classy piece and has an amazing design, beautiful work and it has been beautified more by the pearl danglers. You can match both of these jewellery pieces together because they both have Kundan in them and Kundan pieces go super well together. Both designs look royal and would just suit any outfit. You can pair these two together on a kurta or a saree of whichever colour you want because these two pieces will go with almost every outfit. These two pieces are going to make you look like an absolute goddess.  

4. Gul Kundan & Pearl Jhumka Earrings and Phool Pearl & Kundan Haath Pan

Pearl and Kundan Jhumka earrings  Haath pan Kundan accessory

These are two pieces which are actually a match made in heaven for weddings and big festive occasions. The beautiful Kundan and pearl jhumkas have such a beautiful design and looks super alluring. The golden colour of the Jhumka, the pearls, and the Kundan go veye well together and it looks like an expensive affair though the glocal trunk provides it to you at a really reasonable price. Now coming to the Phool Pearl and Kundan Hath pan. This beautiful haath pan looks all dreamy and mesmerizing. This piece is a must-have if you have weddings to attend or grand occasions to go to. The design of this piece is so unique and so beautiful that once you take a look at it you will be totally mesmerized. Both of these pieces will go well together because they both have a golden touch in them and the pearls and the Kundan in both pieces will complement each other. It will go with any heavy wedding outfit.  

5. Seerat Kundan & Pearl Big Jhumka Earrings and Aina Bead & Kundan Stone Bracelet - Diamond

Kundan Earrings  Bead and Kundan Bracelet

These beautiful heavy jhumkas are going to look like an Indian princess. These earrings look really Royal and are a go-to for festive and wedding looks. Now coming to the bracelet if you are a person who is fond of minimal jewelry this is the one for you. This beautiful Kundan bracelet with red beads looks super beautiful and royal. If you pair it up with heavy jhumkas they both are going to complement Each Other a lot and we'll look super she and beautiful. You can wear these with sarees, kurta aur any traditional outfit which suits your taste.    

These are some of our best handpicked pairing selections from our new collection ‘SPLENDOUR - Opulent Festival Jewellery Online by The Glocal Trunk’. Perfect for your special days and festivals so that you can look like an eternal goddess on all occasions. 

Definitely a match made in heaven and brought to you directly through our online store.

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