Jewellery has the power to ace any outfit in a matter of seconds. They not only make you feel beautiful but also add that extra charm to the outfit. And when it comes to Kundan jewellery there is no competition. They have this royal touch to them which gives it a unique charm. American diamond-embellished jewellery pieces are really versatile and they add that extra grace and poise to your outfits with their wide range of unique pieces and designs to choose from.
As the festive season is at our doorstep here are 5 American Diamond earrings paired with 5 Kundan bracelets so that you can easily select your favourite combo and get yourself free from the hassle of matching and styling your jewellery pieces.

Here we go:  

1. Erato Dainty Drop Earrings & Kaya Kundan & Pearl Bracelet

American Diamond Earrings Kundan Bracelets

Both these pieces are heavenly to look at and are a cherry on the top if styled together. They both have a hint of gold in them which gives them an alluring colour. Their round shape is something that makes them quite similar. The earring is on the simpler side whereas the bracelet is on the heavier side which will give it a wide range of styling options because of the unique but different designs of both pieces. You can style this piece with a black Anarkali kurta and a pair of Juti and you're going to look like a complete goddess.

Earrings: 999 INR.

Bracelet: 1199 INR.  

2. Antheia Cz Drop Earrings & Chamak Floral Kundan & Pearls Drop Bracelet

American Diamond Earrings Kundan Bracelets

Both the pieces are nothing but a treat to the eyes. The Antheia CZ drop earrings has a really beautiful and alluring design. The Chamak floral Kundan and pearls drop bracelet has a desi Indian wipe to it and looks really beautiful. Both of these pieces if styled together will look amazing. Be it a dinner party or a wedding both the pieces are surely going to grab a lot of attention. They both have the drop design in them which makes them quite similar and hence they both can easily be worn together.

Earring: 1999 INR.

Bracelet: 1199 INR.    

3. Athena CZ Stud Top Earrings & Zevar Bead & Kundan Flower Bracelet

American Diamond Earrings
Kundan Bracelets

Both the pieces have a unique charm and are really beautiful to look at. This is a perfect combo for anyone who does not like heavy jewellery and wants to keep it minimal and classy. This combo contains beautiful American diamond-embellished top stud earrings which have a really beautiful design that is quite similar to a blooming flower. The other piece in this combo is the red Kundan bracelet which is quite simple to look at but can do wonders if styled with the right outfit. Both of the pieces will go really well together because of their minimal approach. You can style them together with sarees and kurta and I promise it won't disappoint you.

Earring: 999 INR

Bracelet: 1499 INR

 4. Artemis Cz Full Hoop Earrings & Phool Pearl & Kundan Bracelet

American Diamond hoop earrings
Kundan and Pearl bracelet

This beautiful combo contains beautiful top earrings in rose gold colour and a bracelet embellished with pearls and Kundan. Both of these pieces will go really well together because the earring has quite a modern touch to it whereas the bracelet has a traditional ethnic vibe to it. If styled together they both will give a proper amount of ethnicity and glamour to any outfit. You can style it with kurtas, dresses, and sarees. This combo has a really e classes white to it which gives it quite a unique touch. This combo is a must for anyone who likes to mix and match their jewellery. This combo would surely give a fresh approach to your outfit and will surely get you a lot of compliments.

Earrings: 999 INR

Bracelet: 1199 INR 

5. Maia Cz Stud Top Earrings & Dhanak Bead & Kundan Flower Bracelet - Green

American Diamond Earrings
Kundan Bracelets

Both of these pieces are surely a match made in heaven. The beautiful CZ top earrings have a really unique design which no doubt is the statement piece in itself. The green bead and Kundan flower bracelets have the proper amount of royalty and ethnicity to them. Both of these pieces will look really beautiful together because of their unique design and colour. If you pair both of these jewellery pieces with a white silk saree it is surely going to make you look like a goddess. Both the pieces are really unique and beautiful to look at and the green and the gold complement each other perfectly. This is a must-have on your jewellery shelf if you're fond of beautiful pieces. This combo is surely not going to disappoint you.  

Earrings: 1499 INR

Bracelet: 799 INR

These are some of our meticulously curated Cz earrings and Kundan bracelet pairs from The Glocal Trunk. Perfect to make you look like a complete goddess this festive season. Check out out website for more amazing collections! Shop here: THE GLOCAL TRUNK 

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