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Midas Touch X Evil Eye Collection

Did you ever imagine that Evil Eye-themed jewelry would ever be a trend? Well, the Evil Eyes jewellery pieces are not just a fashion statement but are topping the list of forever being in trend due to their uniqueness. And who doesn’t like some bling to go with it?
So let us take you to the beautiful world of mixing and matching - where we suggest some classy pairing ideas from our Evil Eye and the Midas Touch collections from The Glocal Trunk.

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Pairing Bohemian and Tribal Jewellery

Bohemian and tribal trinkets are some of the most unique and enchanting forms of jewellery in India made with stones, shells, beads or crude metal. They instantly reflect a primal type of earthly beauty when you set your eyes on them. The Glocal Trunk does not let you exclude a bohemian-tribal styled fashion statement look from your multi-faceted wardrobe, with its beautiful and miscellaneous collection of handmade 'bohemian and tribal' inspired jewels ranging from breathtaking beaded or silver finish necklaces, bracelets, hand and foot harnesses to stone embellished earrings, nose pins etc.! Here are some very creative and inspirational in-vogue fashion pairings, discovered from TGT's new Spring Summer Edit - 'Eclectic' and the bohemian-tribe section of the trunk, that are sure to attract your attention until you feel compelled enough to add them to your jewel-closets right away.

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Adorning jewellery is considered by most women as an unavoidable fashion accessory, which has the potential to flaunt an upscale, sophisticated statement when paired with the right outfit. Spring and Summer seasons are an iconic time and they call for a myriad of such statements, to be made at a time where some people have just started to shed the memories of state lockdowns and have moved into somewhat normal routines of working in physical environments, vacationing and celebrating occasions.  
The Glocal Trunk's new Spring Summer Collection - Eclectic may just be the assortment you are looking for! It is an elegant collection of gold and silver pieces, encased in unusual combinations and a vibrant juxtaposition of gemstones that brings delicate finesse, ingenuity and flair to the table.  
Here are some of the creations that serve as trailblazers for the entire collection that will set you running to explore and get your hands on your favourite jewels from the newest collection from the 'Trunk'.

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Chokers vs Long Chains - Resort Style

We are welcoming the Spring Summer season with open arms and what better way than to pick between some jewellery choices for our resort wear, especially if we have to choose between some statement chokers and gorgeous long chains.
Chokers come in different styles and colours and patterns that are skin hugging to the neck and look oh-so-chic, long chains on the other hand can be of variety of lengths adding grace to your look with every swish. Which one is your go-to necklace for this resort season?

Well, after looking at the selection that we at The Glocal Trunk have to offer you'll definitely drool over both.

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Pearl Earrings For Every Occasion

Pearl jewelry is timeless and aesthetic. It can make every outfit or attire look elegant with its beauty and is perfect for every occasion too. One can give pearl earrings as a token of love to your special ones to show your affection for them without a doubt of going wrong with this graceful choice.
They're simple, elegant and classy and will always have their special place in the world of fashion because they are timeless.

Let's dive into the world of regal pearl earrings by The Glocal Trunk:

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