STARDUST - White & Gold Valentine Collection

Valentines Day is just another reason to celebrate love. A day of passion, traditions, beauty, prosperity and most of all, it could just be the eventful start of a new adventure.
Giving the gift of love makes it all the more special and what better than some ethereal jewellery to seal the deal.

Here's a small selection of 5 beautiful must-have jewellery from our new Stardust - White & Gold Valentines Collection, that will render your special day look stunning and precious.


Paved Statement Ring


Another pattern that did not step out of fashion exactly, but emerged in a bolder manner is that of bands of expression. We also have seen several large cocktail rings festooned with pearls or ornamented in paved natural hues with stones. Flaunting a large single stamped matte cuff ring in with the regality of a Pearl spells out love in every swipe of the hand.  


Gold Textured Earrings

This Dangler Earring Is Made Of Stamped Gold. It Is Designed In A Style Evocative Of Modern Greek Fashion. With both simplistic styles and those with a hint of indulgence making the rounds, adorned earrings with gold textured detailing has become all the fashion in the jewellery patterns of the year. A perfect Valentines Day gift right?  


Marble Pendant

This year, locks in accessories haves studded the runways. In 2021, with a modern twist, the Clauditis Link Stone Necklace is a pattern that is here to stay. We're looking at quirkier necklaces with various gold details. With a marble-like finish pendant and an elegant chain to go with it, isn’t in the perfect way to stay #lockedinlove ?  


Cz Bracelet Cuff

When stacked with a watch, this sophisticated Cz stone bracelet cuff appears incredibly sophisticated. If you wanted to trust the new jewellery trends, it would be toned down, low-key yet quite happening. A versatile demure piece just perfect for gifting a special friend, your sister or even your mum!  


Hand Harness Hand Jewellery

The exquisite cut work hand harness makes it a great choice for women's jewellery. This couture hand harness is made with a rare and futuristic gold chain and leafy pattern combination. The elegant piece is perfect for any special occasion. Perfect for a quirky and fun love story isn’t it?  

A Valentine’s Day collection created with the finest jewels from The Glocal Trunk. The purity of white with the solid sheen of gold make for a valuable mix & weave a magical love story. Sport your timeless jewel from our Trunk this season. Our treasures like your love are overflowing with the choicest earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces & much more.
Come create your romantic saga, as we strive to enrich your loved ones jewellery box with these gorgeous pieces.

Shop the full collection here: Stardust - Gold & White Valentine Collection 


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