Anklets Are Forever

Anklets, from classics to contemporary, from bling to subtle and from the flashy golds to antique tribal styles. We love them all.
Essential trinkets in your jewellery box which once worn does wonders and even transforms your look. With the right pair of anklets mixed with the perfect outfit and occasion they look absolutely stunning.
Try out the ones that give you the beachy destination #Valentinevibe from The Glocal Trunk. With unique and intriguing designs you get the best quality and just at the right price.

Butterfly Charm Anklet

Pearl & Gold Anklets

This one is just the match for every flirty beach dress. With butterfly trinkets and such an exquisite and simple design it is a must have. Stylish and modern, it is here to save the day. You need to worry about the comfort factor too, this ones got you all covered up.  

Rhinestone Stretch Anklet Gold/Silver

Rhinestone Stretch Anklets


Available in gold and silver this sophisticated stretch anklet can be paired with beach wears creating a boho outfit or with other gold accessories however the situation fits. It no difficult to pair with but the women should know the look they want to achieve. Shiny and voguish this design is evergreen.  

Leaf Dangler Foot Harness

Silver Tribal Anklet

With small leaves dangling on this foot harness, this is a the go-to #springsummer accessory, giving you the fresh look and the holiday vibe. This antique silver coloured jewellery gives you a distinct look and well-defined look. This charming foot jewellery is likely to take your heart away with its simple and tribal vibe.    

Criss Cross Foot Harness 

Foot Harness Anklets Online

While the other ones give a beachy vibe but the foot harness made of bead is surely meant to accessorize and highlight your feet during some holiday evening wear. You can show off this bohemian styled and go bare feet over a Valentine dinner date. Your feet deserve the highlight too. The colour and style is just the right blend to suit your vacay wardrobe.    

Sea Me Now Foot


Beaded Foot Harness Anklet


This look craves for attention, while other foot harness may blend in with your clothes this steals the limelight. Embellished with beads and structured design this one is the show stopper.   With just the perfect colour which is preferred by almost all of us, Rose Gold. Just like the name suggests it is perfect for the sea wear. Giving that breezy and balmy feel.      


Our anklets and foot harnesses are all about beads and rhinestones, the gems and stones give in the extra charm to it. Each of them has a different vibe to it and thereby should be worn at different occasions. The anklets are versatile and can be paired with most of your outfits Make sure you get the right fit with the right style.
These were are few beach holiday favourites... but we have many such fun accessories in our trunk.

Go on check them out here 

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