Valentine's Day is not just a day for lovers but also a season for showing love to oneself. We all know this year is all about self-love and it is something we should give the top priority to. So why not go a little different this year and instead of just gifting someone something this Valentine's season why not gift something to ourselves and make ourselves feel worthy and loved.
To enhance this feeling we’ve selected some magnificent jewellery from The Glocal Trunk, for you to bling through this day of love.
Here we go:  

1. Bling Bling Swarovski Dangler


This is the perfect option if you want to give yourself something glam and all blingy and shiny. It has gorgeous swarovski crystals embedded in it which give it a really unique and gorgeous look. It is totally going to make you look like the life of the party with all its shine and bling. You are going to outshine anyone if you get this piece for yourself and you can also style it in numerous ways.
Price: 799 INR    

2. Bling My Ears Full Hoop

Full Hoop Stone Earrings

These gorgeous hoop earrings are a perfect take on simple yet glam earrings. It has a simple design with gorgeous Swarovski crystals embedded in it which gives it the perfect amount of shine and bling making it not look too extra aur too basic. It's simplistic design makes it really wearable and can be styled with both your daily wear and party wear.

Price: 299 INR

 3. Bling It On MultiChain Bracelet

Bling Multchain Link Bracelet

This gorgeous tab bracelet is a perfect gifting option for yourself as it has that feminine and modern touch to it which makes it look really fun and chic. You can style it up with your dresses, jeans and even kurta as and it is never going to disappoint you. It is a really versatile piece and you can totally make the best out of this piece with your amazing styling choices.
Price: 699 INR   

4. Summer Star Gold Bracelet Cuff

Slim Metal and Stone Bracelet

If you are thinking of gifting something classy and glam to yourself this is the perfect piece for you. This Classic stone cuff bracelet has beautiful stones embedded in its Golden design which make it look super classy and chic. It can be styled in numerous ways and is the perfect piece to add that extra oomph to your outfit. You can style it up with your Western wears as well as Indian wears and we can totally bet that you are going to get tons of compliments for it.
Price: 699 INR  

 5. Spring In Bling Finger Ring

Stone and Metal Hollow Ring

This gorgeous ring is nothing but a treat to yourself. It has a beautiful gold finish with high quality stones embedded in it with a really unique design which makes it look all gorgeous and glam. You can style it up with your daily wear as well as our Indian wear and you are totally going to rock any look with this ring. It's unique yet versatile design makes it a piece which you should totally own.

Price: 299 INR   

6. My Bling Stack Stone Rings - 8 Rings

Rose Gold Stack Of 8 rings

One thing that is totally not going to disappoint you this season are these gorgeous stack stone rings. We all know how much loved stack rings are and stack rings with such a glam and blingy is totally a must-have. It has beautiful Swarovski crystals embedded in it which makes it a total treat to the eyes. You can style this piece in thousands of ways and get it will make you look all fresh and glam every single time. This is a must-have if you're planning to give yourself something.
Price: 599 INR 

7. Baguette Single Crystal Ear Cuff

Stone Cuff Earring

If you want to give yourself something different and gorgeous this is a perfect piece for you. It is quite different from all the mainstream jewellery pieces we own. It has beautiful crystals embedded in it which gives it a really gorgeous and intriguing look. This one is totally going to get you tons of compliments for its unique design and people are totally going to appreciate your amazing choice.
Price: 499 INR  

8. Crystalline Bling Long Chain Earrings

Stone and Metal Link Earrings

The moment you take a look at these gorgeous earrings you are totally going to fall in love. We know how gorgeous silver looks with simple white stones and this piece is a perfect example of it. The gorgeous floral designs on the top and the beautiful silver chains and stones connected to it give it a really unique and exemplary design which are not just a treat to eyes but are totally going to look breathtaking when you will wear them. You can style it up with your Indian as well as Western clothing pieces and you are totally going to steal all the attention with your amazing fashion choices.
Price: 799 INR 

Shower yourself with some this ValentinesDay. These handpicked beautiful pieces of jewellery are the perfect symbols of self love to remind yourself I AM WORTH THIS AND MORE.
You can also check out The Glocal Trunk’s official website for some some glam high fashion jewellery at affordable prices!

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