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Just like you, at The Glocal Trunk we’re committed to selling eloquent products and great brands that promise our customers value and quality. What’s more, we can help take your business to the next level too. To partner with us, email us at

Evaluation Basis:

Does your vibe meet ours?

The Glocal Trunk is a home grown unique online shopping experience which is unique and defined by its eclectic nature. Designed for the ones that love the fusion of global and local, The Glocal Trunk focuses on delivering distinct jewellery and accessories, that our clientele can feel good wearing everyday and on any occasion.

Our focus remains on quality and client servicing:

Curated With Care

Our team of in-house curators will carefully handpick and select the pieces from your brand that will. synergise with The Glocal Trunk. Keeping in mind our core aesthetic of fun, fusion and style the selection will be a meticulous journey to deliver the best from the best.

Accessories, Fashion/Silver Jewellery The Glocal Trunk has been in the space of fashion jewellery and accessories under its signature brand. Today we have refined ourselves to become a curated space for fashion accessories and jewellery for women, men and kids.
We are open to this and more, our trunks at TGT love to overflow with one-of-a-kind products.

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We follow a simple set of resplendence when it comes to showcasing your product at The Glocal Trunk.
Our criteria for handpicking from your range stands as below:

  •   Home-grown products that offer quality and worth will be giving prime preference.
  • Products with a classic touch and distinctive facet.
  • Products that are versatile yet unique adding a touch of finesse to complete the look of our wearer.


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