BLING IT ON 2022 - Jewellery from TGT Stock Clearance Sale

The New Year’s Eve celebration is done & dusted. But why should your style quotient? Every woman wishes to appear gorgeous and beautiful during the New Year's Eve celebration. However, wearing fashionable jewellery on one occasion isn't enough. It’s time to make every day dazzle with some bling jewellery from our TGT Stock Clearance Sale with pieces Upto 70% Off.

Selecting the perfect jewels has always been a hassle for a lot of us but dont worry peeps we’ve got your back! We have selected some really exclusive and gorgeous pieces from our sale collection, just for you at some really drool worthy prices.

Here we go:  

1. Crystal Clear Rose Gold & Stone Full Hoop

Bling Stone Full Hoop Earrings

These rose gold crystal clear hoos are so gorgeous that one cannot take their eyes off them. It has a really unique design with rose gold stones embedded in the whole earring. It is a perfect piece for any dinner or a party. You can style it up with Western and Indian clothing pieces and I can assure you it won't disappoint. Getting such an alluring piece at such a reasonable price is a total steal deal.

Price: 799 INR

2. Spring In Bling Finger Ring

Hollow Stone and Metal Cocktail Ring

This year is all about gorgeous rings so why not begin the year with one. This gorgeous ring has an expensive gold finish with high quality stones embellished in it. This piece has a really unique and gorgeous design and will look amazing if you like minimal pieces but still want it to be impactful. You can style this ring with a black leather pant, corset top and heels and you'll look amazing. Such a piece at this price is like a dream come true.

Price: 299 INR

  3. Shoulder Brush Bling Long Earrings

Long Shoulder Brush Earrings

This earring shouts ‘stunning’ in 10 different languages. The bling bling and the design of this earring is a must for a super fun outing with friends. It has beautiful Swarovski crystals embellished in the gold metal. Style it up with a mini black dress and heels along with a low middle parted pony and boom you're gonna look the hottest in the party.

Price: 499 INR 

4. Moonshine Stone & Pearl Hair Pins

Stone Fancy Hair pins

Jewelry and accessories should not only be just limited to earrings and neck pieces but we can also try other pieces like embellished hair pins as they act as statement pieces and make our overall look complete. These beautiful stone and pearl hair pins have gold plating and are embellished with beautiful blue stones along with pearls. You can style these hairpins with white satin gown and red lips and you're going to look amazing!

5. Crystalline Grey Stud Top Earrings

Stone Fancy Party Stud Earrings

These gorgeous crystalline grey stud top earrings are a perfect piece for your evening get together or an intimate party.. It has a beautiful white finish with grey and silver stones embedded in a metal. You can style this up with both Western and Indian outfits and it will look amazing with both. Getting such a gorgeous piece at this price is a total steal deal.

Price: 699 INR

6. Rustic Bohemian Stretch Bracelet

Bohemian Silver Bracelet

If you want to go for a different and unique look this year this bracelet is for you. This is a must have piece for all the Bohemian jewellery lovers out there. It has an antique burnt silver finish and is made up of high quality metal. You can style it up with slit Bohemian maxi dress along with tie up flats and open hair and you are going to look a diva and a vision in the new year.

Price: 499 INR

7. Bling Hollow Long Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Stone Ring

This year is all about gorgeous cocktail rings with gorgeous designs. Cocktail rings are such pieces which even if styled alone complete the whole look really well. This ring has a really unique hollow design with Swarovski crystals embedded in metal. You can style this up with dresses, pants and tops and in many more ways.

Price: 399 INR

8. Bling Bling Swarovski Dangler Earrings

Stone Dangler Earrings

This is a perfect piece for a dinner date or a gals night out. It has the perfect amount of bling for that lovely new year evening. It has Swarovski crystals with beaded danglers which make it suitable for almost all gatherings and outfits. Can go really well with both Western and Indian outfits. Getting such a gorgeous piece at such an amazing price is a total steal deal.

Price: 799 INR

9. Summer Star Gold Bracelet Cuff

Fancy Stone Bracelet


This gorgeous bracelet cuff looks like nothing less than a dream. It has a classic design with a gold finish which will look amazing with almost everything. You can style it up with Western dresses, kurta, sarees on the new year evening depending upon what you are planning to wear and it will totally compliment any of it.

Price: 699 INR    

10. Silver Sun Stud Earrings

Silver Metal Stud Earrings

This is the perfect piece if you wanted only to remain minimal but still wanted to look gorgeous. This particular piece literally means less is more more. It has the beautiful design of a gleaming sun which will make you shine all over the party. You can style this piece with a black satin slit dress and you're going to look like a goddess.
Price: 499 INR

  Starting a new year with the perfect jewellery and the perfect people is always important. No matter what the occasion is, always remember to shine bright with the right baubles. Make everyday bling worthy with these meticulously curated pieces from The Glocal Trunk.
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