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Kundan jewelry was traditionally regarded as the most precious and sought-after of all types due to its rarity. It has been made in India since at least 1,000 BC with a more modern revival being led by Maharaja Bahadur Shah Zafar II of Jaipur who passed on his skills to his daughter Haldia Devi. The importance of wearing kundan jewellery in India is vital in tradition, culture and heritage. Kundan jewelry is a traditional adornment which can be worn with different outfits for everyday use according to one's convenience. Kundan jewelry on festivals and holy occasions signifies auspiciousness; it reminds people of the divine at work in their lives.
The wide variety of colors used for paisleys, flowers or other motifs also reflects a range of deities who are worshiped around the world across different religions and cultures.

Here are our top picks for you :

1. Jhumar Kundan And Pearl Tassel Necklace:

The Jhumar Kundan And Pearl Tassel Necklace is an amalgamation of pearls and stones that are traditionally used in Indian festivals. The necklace has a long history, with its use dating back to the ancient days of Hinduism in India. It was also highly valued by Muslim Indians who used it during their celebration of Eid.

2. Ajmer Kundan Set:

The Kundan necklace is a string of beads, usually made from semi-precious stone materials such as agate and jade. In India they are worn during festive occasions like Diwali, Holi to ward off any evil eye. The necklace has a circular design, with a set of beads. The edges of this circle are adorned by an elaborate row of jewels, which also makes up a continuous band that circles all around it.

3. Rajwada Royal Kundan Beaded Necklace:

The Rajwada Royal Kundan Beaded Necklace jewelry is a jewel that has been prized in India for centuries. It can be found on Indian festivals and celebrations. It is a must-have piece of Indian Festivals wear. The style and design make it the most sought after necklace during Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali and other important festivals in India like Ganesh Chaturthi or Delhi's Republic Day celebrations. It can be worn for new years eve parties as well!

4. Sitara Kundan And Pearl Dangler Chaandbali Earrings:

The main trends of Indian Festivals are bright colors, glitter and special effects. The more traditional ones with heavy stones like diamond or gold typically make a statement in the form of big earrings that can be worn all day on many occasions. It is important to wear your jewelry as you would feel it looks best on you rather than following an outfit's trend or certain event theme which may not be appropriate for every occasion.

5. Patrani Kundan beads Pearl Earrings:

Patrani Kundan is the perfect traditional piece for this auspicious occasion as it ensures that everyone has their own personal locket to carry all their memories in them. Festivals are one way where colorfulness can be taken up by wearing pearl earrings or pendants which look great with any ethnic attire you wear on the day!

6. Chakra Enamel, Kundan and Pearl Stud Drop Earrings:

Kundan, chakra enamel and pearl stud drop earrings are the most popular jewelry items for Indian festivals. Dhanteras is a festival of lights that falls on the last day of Navratri. On this festive occasion, people often wear Kundans to symbolize wealth and prosperity in their lives as well as ward off all evil vibes surrounding them during this holiday season. Some women go ahead with traditional saris or bandhgala (a long blouse) while some even opt for lehenga-choli combination which looks stunningly beautiful when paired up with either saree or salwar kameez.

7. Phool and Pearl & Kundan Bracelet:

Pearl & Phool are increasingly becoming very important with their traditional looks and aesthetics that will always remain one step ahead when it comes to making an elegant statement on your wrist or neck while you attend any festival celebration or ceremony all year round! 

8. Kaya Kundan & Pearl Bracelet:

The trend of Kaya Kundan & Pearl Bracelet jewellery on Indian Festivals has been in the market for a while now and is still teaming up to raise its charm. With an assortment of brilliant colors, styles, designs and textures that are always in vogue as well as with all designers coming out with new ones every week - it can be difficult for you to decide what type of jewelry goes best for your outfit or occasion!

9. Dhanak Bead & Kundan Flower Bracelet:

Green Dhanka Bead & Kundan Flower Bracelet are an indispensable part of Indian Festivals. Although these jewelry items have become very popular in recent years, they were used traditionally to signify auspiciousness and good fortune long before their modern revival.

10. Kundan Maang Tikka Big:

A trend that has become a hit in recent times, these Kundan Maang Tikka Big jewelry have been on every Indian festival. Kundans are traditionally made out of gold but today you can get an equally dazzling piece of jewelry crafted from diamonds too! Big Kundan Maang Tikka, from a traditional look to an innovative design, has been an essential part of Indian festivals such as Navratri.

Kundan jewelry is considered auspicious in Indian culture. It has been associated with the Hindu festival of Navaratri for centuries. Kundan worn during occasions brings an interesting combination to festive celebrations - be it fashion-centric events like weddings or cultural affairs galore held throughout India.

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