Customer Faves from TGT’s Monsoon Sale *Sale Ends 31st Aug’21…Limited Stock Only

The grand TGT Monsoon Sale is about to end, and we can't let you miss out on any chances of shopping from our overflowing jewellery trunk. The sale ends on the 31st of August, and yes, we're only left with a few days.

Let us make shopping for jewellery easy because it is challenging to choose the best piece out of so many.
The pieces listed below are our very own customer's favourites from TGT Monsoon Sale. Take a look at them!

1. Aster Cz Openable Kadda/Bangle

American Diamond Bracelet
Get this beautiful bangle for you that depicts redefines the word elegance. The simple beauty and the charm of this kadda/bangle are so hard to find anywhere else. With the highest quality of AD used, this bangle can be a perfect match for every occasion.

2. Collar Me Up Textured Collar Necklace

Stiff Collar Necklace

Collar up chains are so in trend nowadays. The look of these chains are vintage and give an aesthetic touch to your entire outfit. The chain is on monsoon sale and our customer’s favourite as well. Do not miss the trendy stuff and especially when it is an elegant jewellery piece.

3. Sea Queen Shell & Pearl Hair Clip

Shells and Pearl hair clip

Hair Clips are back in trend. Every girl is looking for unique hair clips to add some bling and shine to their hair. Here’s one such unique piece. Elegant pearls and shells beautify this hair clip, and it would suit so amazingly well with your entire look.

4. Crystalline Grey Stud Top Earrings

Stone Studs

Shine like a crystal on every occasion with these crystalline earrings. It is so hard to move on from these pieces. The earrings are on sale so that you get another reason to shop for them. Match them with your modern saree look on big occasions and look classy overall.

5. Rosy Vintage Multi-Chain Long Necklace

Layered long Necklace

Talk about vintage, and we'll start imagining this multi-chain long necklace. Look at this beautiful piece that would match your traditional outfits, making you look sassiest. This multi-chain would also fit with some of your western summer wear. We suggest you shop this fascinating piece because it's a trendsetter.

6. Natural Bohemia Stone Set Of 3 Rings

Druzy Agate Rings

The majestic druzy stone rings are here to make you look all magical. Pair them with any outfit of yours, and you'll feel confident with these rings in your fingers—a must-have piece.

7. Antheia Cz Drop Earrings

Two Tone American Diamond Earrings

Drop earrings can take our breath away with their incredible look. The perfect blend of the silver drop with a floral pattern makes this pair look eye-catching and appealing. Match them with your traditional wear on special occasions because of their uniqueness and charm.

8. Florelle Cz Stud Top Earrings

American Diamond Earrings

Your eyes have just been blessed due to this flawlessly fantastic sight. We have fallen in love with this piece, and so have our customers. Make these yours and feel like a queen while wearing bold and elegant outfits.

These were some of our customers' favourites from TGT’s Monsoon Sale, which ends on 31st August. Our customers have such good taste in jewellery, and they always shop for the trendiest pieces. What do you think? Do you like the collection? 

Shop for these stunning jewellery styles now before the big sale ends… limited stocks only!

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