Stacking bracelets have been popular for a long time and the trend is still going strong. We like stacking bracelets because it allows us to show off our personality. It doesn't matter if you have an edgy, glamorous, or bohemian personality; there is a method to express yourself in this way. One reason stacking bracelets is so popular is that thanks to the use of technologies like cellphones and typing away at our laptops or holding that gorgeous bag, our hands now attract more attention than ever before.
This trend isn't going away anytime soon, so if you haven't already, learning how to style it will come in handy. There are a few pieces from The Glocal Trunks Stock Clearance Sale, which you shouldn't miss and when it comes to styling stackable bracelets you'll master them and will be stacking like a pro!  

1. Bling It On MultiChain Bracelet

Bling gold links Bracelet

This multi-chain stackable bracelet is nothing but a treat to your hands. It has a gorgeous gold finish with three types of bracelets linked together. It has multi chains and can be adjusted according to the size of your wrist. It has beautiful Swarovski crystals with link chains connected to it which give it a gorgeous look. It can be worn with anything be it party wear western wear or your daily casual wear and it is going to just enhance your whole look making your styling go from 0 to 10.

Price: 699 INR  

2. Shelter Beaded Bracelet

Blue bead evil eye charm bracelet

This Turquoise bracelet is a perfect match if you want to add that pinch of color in your outfit and just want to turn your boring days into a colorful and amazing one. It has a really raw look with metals and beads with a gold finish embedded in it. It can be worn to any casual event and even concerts and it is good just going to grab a lot of attention because of its unique design. It can add that extra spunk to any outfit because of its unique choice of color.

Price: 499 INR       

3. Rose Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelet multichains

This is an extraordinary piece for your extraordinary personality. This bracelet has a really charismatic design and style which can just grab all the attention with its alluring look. It has a really feminine touch to it with beautiful trinkets of flowers and pearls linked in it with a multi chain design. This beautiful accessory will look amazing with all your casual daily wear outfits be it a dress kurta or a simple jeans t-shirt this is going to make you look all gorgeous and amazing.

Price: 499 INR     

4. Opulent Multi Bracelet

Multicolour Stone Bracelet

This is not just your average accessory as it is such a fashionable piece that it can just outshine any outfit in a fraction of seconds. It has a really innovative design with multi coloured stones embedded in it. The color, the design and the textures give the bracelet a really swanky and unique look which makes it stand out. It is the perfect piece to add some charm and color to a simple outfit.

Price: 499 INR   

5. Nuance Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet is a perfect definition for something beautiful and divine. It has a gorgeous design with a simple and casual touch to it. It has beautiful trinkets attached to it which suit it so well that its design feels Like a breath of fresh air of style and ease. It is an adorable bracelet and will look super gorgeous with your daily wear outfits. You are going to look amazing in this accessory.

Price: 499 INR   

6. Clasp Me Leather Cuff Red

Imitation leather cuff bracelet

If you want to add a dash of color to your outfits and life then this vibrant leather cuff is just for you. It has an amazing color combination with red, gold, silver in it with skillful design work. It can be easily worn with your daily wear outfits be it kurta, jeans or dresses and it is going to stand out grabbing a lot of attention. You can style it anyway you want because this accessory is going to look amazing with almost everything.

Price: 499 INR     

No matter what the outfit is, stackable bracelets never go wrong. They have this unique ability of looking good with almost everything so don't be scared before styling them as you are actually going to look amazing with that. These were some of quirky selections for you from TGT’s Stock Clearance Sale.
You can check out our official website for some more amazing collections and we bet we won't disappoint. Let’s get stacking folks!

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