Dress Like The Goddess Herself, This Lakshmi Puja!

Lakshmi Puja, held in honour of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, is quite obviously the perfect occasion to flaunt your best jewellery. Gold, especially, is very popular during this time and makes for the most ideal choices of jewellery as well. Mix and match on this auspicious day, with a blend of traditional as well as contemporary gold jewellery for a truly regal look.

Square Links Dainty Dangler Choker Necklace
Chokers have been making waves for a long while now and we think it is perfect for Lakshmi Puja as well. With gold links and pastel coloured droplets, this chain is the perfect piece to wear along with a lehenga or saree.

Alana Vintage Pearl Metal Comb
Combs are an effortless way to add glam to any outfit. A simple hair do with this gold and pearl vintage floral hair comb, will not only make you stand out in a crowd, but also give you a rich, goddess like look for the occasion.

Pearl Gold And Teal Dangler Disc Earrings
Dangler earrings are a good way to glam up a look for Lakshmi Puja. Wear these gorgeous earrings which are one of our favourites along with a saree and minimal other jewellery for a glamorous look during the day.

Dual Crystal Flower Dainty Earrings
Flowers will always be one of our favourite designs when it comes to jewellery. And when they are gold and adorned with crystals, it is one of our favourite pieces to wear during Lakshmi Puja. With an aura of wealth surrounding these earrings, it is definitely a must have on this special day.

Stamped Slim Gold Cuff Bracelet
Lakshmi Puja might be all about wealth and prosperity, but if you’re the type who likes to keep it simple, you will love this cuff. A sleek gold cuff with a faint stamped design, this one is perfect to show off a bit, while still keeping it simple.

Vintage Coin Chandelier Antique Earrings
True to the occasion, these coin earrings are the perfect accessories to flaunt on this occasion. Vintage in look and feel, this pair with a black floral stone embellishment adds to the richness of the accessory and is one of our top picks for the Lakshmi Puja.

The occasion is truly auspicious and a day of grandeur, wealth and blessings. And with the right jewellery, we’re sure you will look just as prosperous as the day.

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