If you're not the type to wear statement earrings on a regular basis, trust us when we say we'll persuade you to buy one or more pairs after reading this. Consider these to be the show-stoppers of your work-from-home ensemble, especially during online meetings where the focus is on the face. It's time to get out the statement jewellery and let them do the talking while you're on a zoom call. Don't worry, we've included some budget-friendly and fashionable options on this list.

Save your actual diamonds for weekends or Zoom dates, but these statement pairs will suffice on days when productivity is top of your to-do list. No matter what your style is, be minimal, chic, or trendy we have all the options for you.

Here we go:  

1. Athens Stud Top CZ Earrings

American Diamond Earrings

Consider the studs as the star of your work-from-home ensemble, especially during online meetings where the focus is on the face. It's time to dust up those statement pieces and let them do the talking while you're on the phone! Nothing beats a charmer, so make sure you get a good one.

Price: 1499 INR     

2. Artemis Full Hoop CZ Earrings

American Diamond Hoop Earrings

This gorgeous earring is perfect for your zoom meetings as it has a beautiful rose gold and gold finish with two-tone plating. It is a full hoop but the minimal and elegant design and work give it a really formal and gorgeous look. It can be easily paired up with your formal shirts and blouses.

Price: 999 INR     

3. Azure Stone Dangler Earrings

Blue Stone Dangler Earrings

The moment you take a look at these beautiful earrings you'll realize how gorgeous these bright bluestones will look with a black or white formal blouse. It is a perfect choice if you want to add an extra pinch of glam and color to your outfit. It will not only brighten up your whole look but will make you look energetic and cheerful.

Price: 599 INR   

4. Circle In Circle Crystal Dainty Earrings

Stone and Metal Dainty Earrings

We know how gorgeous crystal and gold looks together and when paired up with your outfit for a formal event (no matter online or offline) it is going to look gorgeous. This earring will add a fresh look to your overall attire and will make you seem confident. It has a minimal design but a stylish one which is totally going to make you stand out.

Price: 499 INR   

5. Crystal Circle Dainty Earrings

Stone and Metal Small Earrings

These gorgeous earrings are tiny to look at but can totally enhance your look in a fraction of seconds. It has a beautiful gold top on the upper side which is connected to a round crystal circle which is embedded with small stones. It has a really elegant design and is a perfect match for your zoom meetings as it has a minimalist look to it along with a classy touch.

Price: 499 INR     

6. Cupid's Love Earrings

Valentines Cupid Vintage Earrings

I mean just look at these gorgeous earrings, how can someone not fall in love with them? We know gold and pearls are a match made in heaven and they never fail to amaze us. It has a beautiful design of a rose with the beautiful stone embedded in the flower. It has a cupid connected to the flower with a pearl at the end. It is a perfect square if you are just done with the minimalist and simple looks and want to do something different or want to style something unique. It will look gorgeous with formal outfits because of its colour choice full stop you are going to look amazing in it!

Price: 499 INR     

7. Center Rose Gold Pearl & Stone CZ Earrings

Rose Gold and Pearl American Diamond Earrings Online

Pearls are a perfect match when it comes to zoom meetings of formal events. This piece has a really unique design because we hardly see pearls with rose gold and after looking at it we have actually realized what a gorgeous match they both are. The beautiful pearls, the stones and the rose gold color totally go hand in hand and do not fail to amaze us. It will look amazing with almost all outfits and can be worn not only for zoom meetings but can also be worn for your parties and personal events too.

Price: 899 INR     

8. Grandiose Hoop Earrings

Vintage Hoop Earrings

This gorgeous hoop earring is a perfect example of simple and classy. It has a beautiful golden touch finish to it with a unique design of flowers entangled together in the shape of a flower with stones embedded in it. It is going to look amazing for all your zoom meetings and formal events and will totally make you stand out.

Price: 499 INR   

9. Parallel Love Shimmer Hoops

Full Hoop Earrings

It is a conventional pair of large hoops which is totally going to make you stand out. We know how boring formal outfits are but this is a perfect pair to add that extra glam and omfb to your boring outfits with the shimmer and flash these earrings have. The gold and silver add swag to the Jewellery making it look all expensive and gorgeous.

Price: 499 INR     

10. A Drop Of Sea Studs

Blue Stone Studs

When it comes to formal outfits we can never go wrong with studs. Studs and formal events are like best friends. These elegant stud earrings display share and Elegance and the gorgeous sea green colour gives it a really unique and gorgeous look. It can take any of your formal outfits from 0 to 10 in a fraction of seconds because of its beautiful colour and design.

Price: 399 INR      

We do not want you to lose your style no matter where you are, at home or the office. The online zoom meeting days are back and we want our customers to make the most of it. You can also check out The Glocal Trunk for some amazing collections at some really affordable prices. Stay home, stay safe & stay stylish - no matter what!

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