Evil Eye Jewellery For Your Valentine

The Evil Eye charm, which has a long history stretching back to ancient civilizations, has long been used by various cultures as a sign of protection from any evil eye or nazar caused by jealousy or malevolence directed at one person by another. The charm, being a positive power, aids the bearer in warding off negative emotions and evil.
Offering tokens and other talismans have long been a means to ensure your special someone's luck and protection while they're away from home. Those same loving gestures may now be found in the form of wonderfully created jewelry.

Traditional symbols provide the perfect present for that special someone with a unique twist on the bracelet. With talismans in silver, yellow gold vermeil, or rose gold vermeil, you may now adorn your ears, neck, or wrists with gleaming charms, or give them as meaningful gifts.  

To give your loved one this amulet of protection, we have selected some statement evil eye jewellery just for you.

Here we go:  

1. Centara Evil Eye Bracelet

This is a perfect gift for your loved ones as it'll not only look gorgeous on their wrist but will also protect them from any sort of evil and provide them protection and luck. This gorgeous piece has a Turkish gold evil eye which is adorned with beautiful stones and is connected with a golden chain which not only makes it a meaningful gift but also a beautiful gift to look at.

Price: 499 INR

2. Paved Bronze Hamsa Tennis Adjustable Bracelet - Blue Hand

This gorgeous bracelet has a rope chain design embellished with gorgeous stones giving it a gorgeous look. It has a beautiful hamsa design in the middle which makes it look like a really gorgeous and edgy piece of jewelry. It also has an adjustable chain which makes it pretty convenient.

Price: 999 INR

3. Rick Rack Purple Stone Ring

This gorgeous ring will be a treat to the eyes of whoever gets it. It has the perfect amount of gold and evil eye in it. The gorgeous work and embellishment of stones in this ring make this ring have a really unique and eye-catching design. It will look gorgeous on whoever gets this and is surely going to grab them lots of attention.

Price: 399 INR

4. Stack Hamsa Stack Rings

Stack rings are super in this season and this set of Hamsa Stack rings is a perfect gift option for your special one because it is not only meaningful but also trendy. It has beautiful Swarovski crystals embedded in them which gives it a really gorgeous look. It is quite wearable and can be styled even with your daily wear.
Price: 499 INR


5. Evil Eye Double Stud Earrings

If your special one is a fan of minimalist pieces this is a perfect gifting option for them. This gorgeous piece has an Evil eye design on the top of a gorgeous pearl. Both the pearl and The evil eye embedded with silver and blue stones look ravishing together giving it a ravishing look. Whoever gets this is totally going to fall in love with its simple and chic design.

Price: 250 INR

6. Heart Me Evil Eye Earrings

This is the perfect valentines gifting option for your loved one. The gorgeous heart along with the eye design make it a perfect valentines gifting option. It is a perfect piece for someone who likes statement piece jewelry as it has a really unique design which is totally going to attract a lot of attention. It can also be styled in a thousand ways and will look gorgeous on anyone who wears it.

Price: 499 INR

  7. Paved Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Necklace - Purple

This Hamsa necklace is nothing but a treat to Eyes. It is paved with the purple rescue with necromania which makes it look so gorgeous and unique that one cannot take their eyes off it. The Evil eye placed in the middle gives the set a really unique and intriguing look. This is a perfect gifting option for your loved one as it is not only meaningful but its design and work make it a really unique piece to own too.

Price: 999 INR

8. Hamsa Bohemian Dangler Earrings

This piece is a perfect take on evil eye jewelry with a Bohemian touch. This gorgeous piece is totally going to be loved by whoever gets it because it has such a unique and gorgeous design that one is totally going to fall in love with it. The beautiful colors and Stones embellished in this piece make it a total treat to Eyes. Whoever is going to get this is going to totally love it.

Price: 1799 INR 

Browse through our full Evil Eye Collection on The Glocal Trunk website. It’s time to give your loved one a protective piece of jewellery with the bonus of trendy style.

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