‘HATKE’ Accessories For Diwali  

With the festive season already here and all the amazing festivities at our doorstep, we are ready for it with full enthusiasm and some perfect outfits, makeup and shoes to match! But there's something we always miss and that is the star of the look the jewellery pieces, which often get ignored when deciding the look for different occasions.
This Diwali season try not to be more mainstream and safe when it comes to jewellery pieces and go for some ‘hatke’ or different styles of jewellery which will not only make you look amazing but will make you look different and unique too.
Here are some of our top picks which will totally level up your jewellery game this Diwali season and make you stand out at every party:  

1. Bloom Nail Rings Golds/Silver

Nail jewellery rings

This is such a beautiful piece to look at that once a person lays their eyes on it there's no going back. This beautiful metal nail ring set is embellished with some beautiful crystals. It is an opulent style silver and gold nail ring set that can totally nail any look and level up your whole look or and attire making you shine all over the party. It has a really pretty golden colour to it which makes it look like nothing less than a dream. It is such a unique piece with an amazingly unique design which is totally going to look amazing on anyone who styles it with their outfit. Style these rings with simple outfits to add that extra glamour to your outfit because I bet this piece can never disappoint you.

Price: 199 INR

2. Kitty Kat Nail Ring Set Of 4 Rings

Nail jewellery rings

Do we really need to tell you guys how adorable this kitty cat nail ring set of four rings looks? It has four adorable rings with each having its own unique design. One of the rings is embellished with beautiful blue and black stone along with a beautiful pearl. One-piece has a beautiful design formed with pearls, one with beautiful crystal wings embedded at the side of a pearl and the last but the best in the set is the kitty ring which is so adorable and cute that you can not resist adding it to your accessory shelf. All these pieces even if you styled alone or in a set will look really amazing. Some of the pieces like the Crystal feather ring and the bluestone ring will look amazing with both traditional in western pieces while the cute cat ring can be worn as a daily piece. Add this to your cart if you're someone who likes unique and cute pieces which can look amazing and can bring a fresh change to your outfits.

Price: 799 INR

3. Fan Crystal Nose Ring

Nose Ring large

The nose ring has the power to add that extra touch of 'Indianess' to any outfit in a matter of seconds. Not everyone is comfortable carrying them and not everyone can carry them. This piece adds that extra amount of oomph to any outfit by giving it a beautiful touch. This different and unique metallic piece is embellished with some beautiful crystals. It is also available in three different colours like gold, rose gold, silver, and onyx. This piece will look amazing if styles with kurtas, sarees and almost every Indian outfit.

Price: 499 INR 

4. Filigree Gold Clip-On Nose Rings

Filigree Nose Ring

This filigree nose ring is gold plated and has a round, braided style faux clip-on hoop ring. This is perfect for anyone who likes to dress up differently but wants to keep it minimal. The gold colour makes it really versatile and this colour can go with almost every outfit. It has a really pretty design and you style it up with sarees and I'm sure it is going to get you tons of compliments.

Price: 150 INR  

5. Banjaran Hand Harness

Haath Paan Online

This Banjaran hand harness speaks volumes when it comes to unique and different pieces. It has a glistening personality with some blue stones embellished in it along with some metallic flowers and a white chain hand harness. This amazing piece has a really travel gipsy vibe to it and it would look amazing on almost all the outfits as it adds that extra touch of drama and boho to any outfit and will look amazing on anyone who is not too fond of gold or silver jewellery.

Price: 1200 INR  

6. Tgt Fate Hand Harness

Evil Eye Hand Harness

This amazing piece is perfect for anyone with a glistening personality. This TGT fate hand hardness has a delicate Evil eye design on it. It has a delicate and unique design and is perfect for someone who does not like heavy jewellery pieces. It is really unique from all the basic pieces because of its beautiful design. You can style it up with almost all of your festive wear and you can also add it to your daily wear list to make everyday fashionable and unique.

Price: 399 INR  

7. Crystal Dream Hand & Foot Harness- Silver & White

Stone Hand and Foot Harness

This beautiful hand harness has such a unique and dreamy design. You can wear this to showcase your different yet unique design and add that extra bling to any plain or simple Diwali outfit. And as we all know festivities are always incomplete without that extra bling. If you like unique crystal work this should surely be a must-have for you.

Price: 1000 INR    

8. Gypsy Foot Harness

Tribal Silver foot harness

This beautiful foot harness will always feel like a breath of fresh air on any simple outfit. It will add that Bohemian touch to your feet with this beautiful foot harness. It has its unique distinct touch giving it a stylish appearance and breezy look. It has a beautiful antique silver colour which will look really unique and add an extra charm to your outfit.

Price: 1000 INR   

These are some of our top ‘Hatke Jewellery’ picks for you from The Glocal Trunk. You can check our website for some really unique and pretty jewellery pieces. It’s that time of the year to look and feel like a sparkler yourself.
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