Jewellery Trends Perfect To Glam Your Work Outfit!

Have you ever spent a considerable time in front of the cupboard searching for the perfect outfit every morning, only to find yourself still confused about how to accessorise without going overboard? Are you confused about what works and what doesn’t at office? We’ve listed some of our favourite pieces of jewellery to wear to work and we bet you would love these as much as we do.

Dangler Earrings:

Dangler earrings add a touch of glamour and can lift even the simplest outfit in an instant. Pair these with a collared tunic, and you’re good to go for a work brunch. 


The 90’s trend is back and classier than ever. A simple choker paired with a blouse or a dress can instantly add an elegant feminine touch to your look.

Rings work well on every outfit. Antique rings pair perfectly with block coloured dresses or blouses that need a lift. For a more ethnic look, pair a bling ring with your favourite blazer and you’re good to go.

Cuffs And Bracelets:
A simple cuff on one wrist or bracelets is the easiest ways to glam up any outfit, especially if you’re running short on time. Quirky yet elegant at the same time, these are your go to pieces of jewellery for a subtle yet fashionable statement. Wear this one behind your watch!

Headbands: headband is an easy, breezy effortless way to accessorise an outfit and tame your tresses in case of a bad hair day. Headbands are also an ideal way to change your look if you have to head out after work. 

Multi-Chain Necklaces:


Wondering how to accessorise your outfit? Multi-chain necklaces are a good option for a style statement that’s mature yet shows off your fun side. We love how versatile they are and work well on both dresses and blouses.


Now that you know what to wear with your favourite outfits, we hope this adds a touch of bling to your look and your day. Keep in mind though, not to go overboard with your accessories. Mix and match to keep it interesting, experiment with colours and patterns and most importantly, make your own style statement.

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